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Inreviewing the Dissertation Template in the DC Network, I found verystrategic points about the Prospectus, Proposal, and Dissertation(DC.GCU.EDU, n.d). Prospectus is necessary in doctoral work as ithelps in the production of an agreed upon plan to ensure that theproject gets to the “doctoral-level” status. The use ofprospectus helps to form a committee that will work with theresearcher to complete the dissertation over the course. For theresearcher to convince the reader that the research being carried outcan help in producing worthwhile results there is use of the researchprospectus (Locke, Spirduso &amp Silverman, 2013). By writing theprospectus, the researcher is asking the department to determine ifthe project is admissible or not. The research prospectus provides alist of sources that will be used in the bibliography section, whichtypically is annotated. Any person using the prospectus gets to knowthe materials that will be used. Through the prospectus, theresearcher gets his or her confidence reinforced and helps in keepingone on track to ensure that the project is completed on time(Magnoliacharterschools, n.d).

Reviewingthe prospectus of a dissertation and the proposal of dissertation,there are differences that emerge. In prospectus, one is writingsomething for the department and it means that one is not trying towin any form of argument (Locke, Spirduso &amp Silverman, 2013). Onthe other hand, the proposal of dissertation is submitted toanonymous committee and the researcher seemingly does not know thecommittee. In this case, the researcher seems to get in a contest towin someone. In the prospectus, the researcher is not seeking anyapproval rather the lecturer only makes the necessary adjustments torevise the work. For the proposal, the researcher has to strike apersuasive tone in the paragraphs to help sell his or her idea.


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