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Indeed,from the discussions, there is a difference between prospectustemplate (PT) and the dissertation template (DT) (Meinecke &amp Das,2016). The difference is seen in the order, objectives, andcomplexity. Prospectus plays a critical in any research. First, it isused as a means of getting a nod from the department whether inregards to its admissibility (Joyner, Rouse &amp Glatthorn, 2012).It helps convince the reader that the research can producesubstantial results. On the other hand, the dissertation is meant tocommunicate and not to convince anybody. The PT acts as a basis onwhich the dissertation is done as it forms the first three chaptersof dissertation (Athanasou et al., 2012).


Organizationsoften evolve as the needs of society changes and the requirementschange too. Innovative companies are known to adjust properly to thechanging behavior. In this case, the innovative company under focusis Uber. Uber leveraged their idea on the number of smart phone users(Downes, 2013). The number of smart phone users has been on theincrease. This data helped them to come up with innovative products.In fact, when data is properly used, individuals can design newprograms. Innovation entails the creation of new ideas and productsin theory and practice. Being innovative makes a company be in thelead. It is the innovative nature of a company that separates it fromthe rest. To drive innovation, there is a need to have servantleadership in the process (Quitzow et al., 2014). Having a mindset ofa servant leadership ensures that the leaders will be able to listento their followers (Parris &amp Peachey, 2013). Listening to theirfollowers makes them take into consideration the needs of thepopulation. Having this kind of leadership is best, as the needs ofthe society will be integrated when developing a business or a newproduct.


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