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A Letter to the Parents and Children

ALetter to the Parents and Children

ALetter to the Parents and Children


Itake this moment to invite all parents and children to our CommunityBased Organization program. The aim of the program is to educate onhow diversity and bi-lingual issues are handled within ourorganization. Further, the program will showcase the benefits ofhaving a unified and tolerant society. Your presence is highlyappreciated as it will show support to the community as we strive toattain unity. Given our uniqueness, the program will utilize theknowledge of various professionals from different backgrounds. Theirexperiences in different walks of life will aim to motivate thechildren on the need to accept diversity and tolerance.

Diversityis an important aspect in the current globe. As such, the programwill show how we treat practice and carry out our jobs and usepractical examples to describe various scenarios. Moreover, parentsand children get to learn the importance of CBOs to the community andthe country as a whole. Also, children will be exposed to educationoutside the classrooms as they get practical exposure.

Theprogram will be fun, but an educational one as parents and childrenbond and take various challenges. Different families from the diversebackgrounds will be required to interact and compete as the samegroup in order to emphasize the importance of integration.

Iwant to assure you of an exciting and educational event that willhelp our children to establish better relationships amongst eachother. I am always accessible on a daily basis to talk to you between7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me ifyou have any queriesat 132-645-0987 or [email protected].


[Nameof Supervisor]


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