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A Mexican Viewpoint on the War with the United States

AMexican Viewpoint on the War with the United States

Thetitle of this source is “AMexican Viewpoint on the War with the United States”.It was most probably created in the year 1995 and published on March14, 2006. The author is Jesus Velasco-Marquez. The thesis is to focuson the three important issues that include the internal state ofaffairs of Mexico in the 1840s, Texas’ problem, and the invasion ofits territories by the United States.


Mexicowent through critical periods when it was making an attempt to formthe state. It started with the leadership of Santa Anna, thedictator, and the Centralist Republic taking over the administrativepowers from 1844 until December 1845. The military uprisings were thereason behind the six presidents who had succeeded one another withina period of three years only.

Texashad separated, and there were attempts to bring it back under thesovereignty of Mexico. The negotiation to stop the annexation ofTexas to the U.S had failed as the opposition denounced it. TheMexican press also was subdivided into two parties comprising thosesupporting the government and others, who opposed the negotiationsheld concerning Texas.

Theideas are valid, accurate, and significant, presented fairly, usesaccessible language, and are easily understood since relevantreferences are provided. The important aspects include the mediationsthat the author identifies as a method that was used to solve thecrisis. Similarly, the military can be used in restoring their landthat they think was wrongfully acquired by another state. Lastly,obstacles are normal in the course of any attempts made to solve anyproblem as the one in the article. “Most people in Mexico believedthe use of arms was the only option available to defend their rightsand territorial integrity” (Velasco-Marques, 2006). This quote isimportant because the diplomacy actions had failed and the Mexicanshad to take responsibility for self-defense. The topic is welldiscussed in chapter17 (pages 374-379)of the textbook.


Couldwe conclude that the US forcefully acquired Texas from Mexico? Thissource enables me to understand better the events that took place inMexico in the 1840s and the struggles it went through while the U.Sinvaded its territories.


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