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A Narrative Analysis of my Life

ANarrative Analysis of my Life


Myhome and family, school, and work life define my world outlook. Iperceive my family life as my fortress. Leisuretime is an essential element of my everyday existence. I believe thattoo much work without play makes Jack a dull boy therefore, I alwaysmake sure that I incorporate leisure time into my daily routine. Ienjoy swimming, traveling, watching movies, and playing golf. Iprefer indulging in recreational activities over the weekends becauseof the tight schedule that I have during the weekdays. On Saturdaymornings, after breakfast, I usually watch a movie or study a novelfor about two hours, and, later, cater to my householdresponsibilities. These duties, mostly, entail doing my laundry andcleaning the house. Afterward, I enjoy about two hours of swimming orbasking in the afternoon because it is, ordinarily, sunny at thattime of the day. On Sundays, I engage in various social activities.For example, I usually attend church mass in the morning hours, and,afterward, I go for an outing in a planned destination. Ideally, myschedule determines how I alternate these leisure activities. Forinstance, sometimes I attend volunteer activities like plantingtrees, going to children’s homes, and visiting the sick to donatesome essential items like food and clothing. To avoid monotony, Ialways ensure that I manage my time in a way that I do not repeat oneactivity at the same time for two consecutive weekends.I apply the same principle to my work life. Before going to work, Ialways pray and think about my career goals. Iwork for eight hours every day, from 8 o’clock to 5 o’clock. Atmy workplace, I usually implement the concepts that I learn inschool. For example, I strive to work as a team member by seekingassistance where I do not know what to do I also tender assistancewhere possible. I always endeavor to make the best impression byperforming all the duties that have been advanced to me diligently.Later,I attend my evening classes, which run for two hours, from 5:30 pm to7:30 p.m. Iplace a lot of concentration on my school life because I believe thateducation is the key to a swift progress up the career ladder. Thus,I always reach the university premises one hour before my lecturesstart. I usually do my assignments, study the previous day’slecture notes, and read the topic that I expect my professor to teachon that particular day. After the lecture, my group and I discusswhat the lecturer taught to ensure that we are all on the same page.I usually feel satisfied after completing all my tasks at the end ofthe day.After ensuring that I have attended to my work and schoolresponsibilities, I conclude my schedule with catering to my familyactivities, which involve taking care of my home chores and takingcare of my family’s needs. Time supervision is, customarily, thekey to ensuring that all the activities have been allocated equaltime. I follow this routine daily to make sure that I evade makingthe avoidable mistakes that, in the end, prevent a person fromrealizing his objectives. Considering the assertions that have beenmentioned beforehand, scheduling is an important undertaking becauseit helps me to put the goals that should be accomplished within aparticular time-frame into consideration.

Myguiding principle in life is to strive to develop a perfect balancein my home and family, school, and work life. I am aware of the factthat achieving this end may be somewhat perplexing thus, I alwaysdraft a plan of my day’s activities beforehand. A well-developedschedule has always enabled me toallocate sufficient time for my family, friends and hobbies, andschool and work life. Setting long-term goals and then breaking themdown into smaller goals is a critical step toward the achievement ofpersonal goals. As a result,I always make sure that I do not try to do a lot of things at oncebecause some less important goals may take up the time for the moreimportant objectives. I believe that replacing bad habits with goodones is critical to goal accomplishment. Thus, if I fail to achieveone or more goals, I usually think about what led to that failure.Upon discovering the problem, I always note it down or save it on myphone as a reminder. Next, I sit down and think about what my familylacks. Anything that comes in my mind is always important this iswhere I begin the prioritization process. I always note all the itemsthat come to my mind on a separate list. Afterward, I study the listcarefully, selecting what matters most. Later, I choose the mostsignificant items and highlight them in red. After developing theday’s list, I develop a separate list of my work life. I start thisprocess by thinking about my career goals. I aspire to move from theposition of an intern to that of a salaried employee however, theslots for the salaried employees are limited, so I always strive tomake the best impression on my superiors. Hence, I usually schedulemy home activities in such a way that I am always out of my residenceby 6:30 a.m. Additionally, I habitually think about what my employercompany expects from me and note it down in red. This approach helpsme to keeptrack of my work activities and avoid leaving some goalsunaccomplished. Also, the process leads to the development ofcomprehensive plans that result in a swift achievement of targets.I also avoid postponing activities. Pushing back events results in alack of time for leisureactivities, family, and friends, which, eventually, leads to burnout. Toavoid procrastination, I always go back to the separate lists that Ihad developed during the prioritization process. The items on theselists are usually necessary but do not require immediate attention.Thus, I highlight these items on one list and decide to cater to someof them whenever I get extra time during the day. For example, one ofthe concerns that I highlight separately is spending some time withmy friends for a few minutes during the day. I always look for someof my friends during my free time and spend time with them. Thisprocess has always helped me to balance my school, work, and homelife by focusing on the prioritization of all the important tasks inmy schedule.