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Thispaper supports the assertions that, abortion is a practice that isagainst human rights and should be illegal. The three supportingreasons include abortion leads to loss of lives to many ladies andinfants. The practice of abortion results in many healthcomplications among women. Moreover, abortion destroys familyrelationships (Hooker, 2010).

Ethicalegoism sub-type of consequentialism

Consequentialistethicists promoting moral egoism focuses that, it is good to keepaway from pre-marital sex that brings about unwanted pregnancies.Youths are advised to choose between living in the next life to comeor risk their life through the act of abortion (Hooker, 2010).

Moreover,ladies have two alternatives, decide not to practice abortion to bearchildren and come up with legal families or practice the behaviourand face the challenges such as future miscarriages and total lack ofchild bearing ability (Hooker, 2010). Married members of the familyare to either shun away from practicing abortion to maintain ahealthy family relationship or as well they can decide to practice itand destroy their families through divorce (Hooker, 2010).


Advocatesfor social consequentialism educate the youth to live a more positivelife and avoid abortion-related life (Hooker, 2010). Additionally,life promotion needs to be sufficient, and acts of destroying lifethrough abortion should be dealt with law accordingly. Finally,healthy living is a practice that all the youths are to embrace, andin turn, they should minimize abortion a threat to human life(Hooker, 2010).

Strengthsand weaknesses of Hedonistic Utilitarianism in focusing abortion

Hedonisticutilitarianism focuses on how painful the act of abortion is. Itsstrengths lie in the fact that, the utilitarianism addresses abortionas a painful act that leads to bleeding and in the long run, thevictim can die. Additionally, it motivates people on pleasureaspects. On the other side, it is an ambiguous argument because itdoes not unify an ethical argument. Moreover, in most cases, itsfirst premise is false. Advocates for hedonistic utilitarianism seesthe pain in abortion as what makes it be a vice they do not check onthe duration of the impending consequences of abortion (Hooker,2010).


Hooker,B. (2010). Ideal Code, Real World: A-Rule Consequentialist Theory ofMorality. Oxford Clarendon.