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ACA Repeal ACA Repeal



TheAffordable Care Act popularly known as Obama Care is one of the mainlegacies of the Obama Administration. Obama Care is a comprehensivehealth insurance plan that provides coverage to the legibleAmericans. When it comes to preventive care, Obama Care covers a widerange of areas. The policy components for the adults touch on a widerange of preventive areas including Sexually Transmitted Infection(STI) screening.

Theenactment of the Obama Care was warmly received by many Americansbecause it is a revolutionary health insurance plan. This was becauseit is a noble cover that has benefited America in many ways. Mostimportantly, the act extended health care insurance to a large numberof people. Initially, many Americans could not acquire healthinsurance because of financial constraints and illegibility. However,with the enactment of Obama Care, all these people can now access STIscreening services (Oberlander, 2012). This has been possible becausethe government has been helping in providing subsidies especially tothe low-income earners who were initially unable to afford highinsurance costs. Access to STI screening has been playing asignificant role in the fight against STIs in the country.

Anotherbenefit of the screening of STIs is that it has helped in reducingthe number of STI related deaths across the country. Many people,especially the low-income earners, can easily access STI screeningservices. Once the STIs are screened in time, it can be easier toidentify any infection before taking the necessary measures toprovide the necessary prevention interventions. With the reducedcases of STI related ailments and deaths, the cost of health careservices has reduced (Oberlander, 2012). Many Americans no longerface a burden of incurring too much expense in the treatment andmanagement of the STI patients. However, when the Act is repealed,all these benefits will be lost.

ShouldObama Care be repealed, the health care sector will be affected inmany ways. The enrolment rate for the Obama Care program willtremendously decline. When the government withdraws cost assistanceto the low-income Americans, it will become so challenging for themto afford health cover. Many people especially the low-incomefamilies who were initially ineligible for insurance cover onlymanaged to get covered because of the subsidies provided by thegovernment. So, when the Act is repealed, all the people who havebeen relying on the government subsidies because of their poor statusor pre-existing conditions will lose the coverage (Oberlander, 2012).Health insurance companies will have to revise their policies such asthe increment of insurance premiums that will prevent many Americansfrom qualifying for preventive care insurance coverage. The long-termeffect of the repeal of this Act is that many Americans will nolonger access STI screening services. So, the prevalence andmortality rate of STIs will rise.

Inthis regard, to resolve this challenge, different measures should betaken. First, an alternative policy should be put in place to providehealth cover to as many Americans as possible. Even if the Act isrepealed, the government should come up with measures aimed atrelieving the poor Americans and making it easier for them to affordhealth insurance(Oberlander, 2012).These include the lowering of premium rates and provision ofsubsidies and direct financial aid to the poor Americans who mightotherwise not get the privilege of acquiring health insurance for thepreventive services. Should this be done, America would be on theright path of attaining health equality and equity.


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