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Additional Participation to Shelby`s Post

AdditionalParticipation to Shelby`s Post

AdditionalParticipation to Shelby`s Post

Thevalue of high impact leadership has adverse effects on theperformance of staff members at the health center. This suggests thatquality leadership is necessary for the process of mobilizing staffmembers in providing services.TheLos Alamitos Medical Centre is a well-organized care provisionCenter.Therecruitment of a younger frontline staff that is partially integratedinto the modern means of nursing leadership provides the care centerwith better division of labor facilitating adequate caregiving (JulieStanik-Hutt, 2013). Regardless of being a high acuity patient care,the Los Alamitos Medical Centre seems to be promoting quality care.The acuity is observed in its operations and the way care isadministered (Habasevich, 2012). This can be associated with LosAlamitos’s high-impact leadership. For instance, Shelby mentions inher post that the CNO has initiated the Gemba project that enablesthe staff of the Center to air their opinions on the performance andbe involved in the overall process of decision-making.

Onthe other hand, Kaiser Permanente has been graded the highest HMO insouthern California. The health maintenance organization has beenrecorded to cover a variety of care services to the public inparticular, the group specializes in providing preventive care. Theorganization has enough staff members. However, the team has failedto deliver quality care to the patients (Hattie, 2015). The case ofthe patient complaining of chest pains shows a faulty systeminvolving staff ignorance and unprofessionalism at work. Theleadership of the health organization has also failed to work withthe team, which would improve accountability and better interactionwith the patients. Kaiser Permanente needs to adopt a high impactleadership that supports better decision making. The managing bodyshould develop a means to integrate the staff members and thecommunity in their operations.


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