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Admission Essay




Somestudents are defined in an essential way according to theirinterests, identity or talent. These three terms are sometimes usedinterchangeably but each has its distinctive connotation. Interestscan be defined as a state of wanting to learn, know or understandsomething or someone while talent is an aptitude, skill or gift thata person is naturally born with and enables them to undertake a hardactivity easily e.g. playing football. On the other hand, an identityis a quality, personality, belief appearance or expressions that aresaid to make a person. In my perspective, I was not endowed withnatural talent or identity but I developed an interest in Physicsfrom a young age.I got attracted to electronics and electricalgadgets since the day I smashed our TV. That day, I had to fix itbecause I knew my parents would not take that action lightlyespecially due to the fact that I had smashed it for a lame reason:my friend had turned off my favorite cartoon channel. I knew I hadoverreacted and I did not want to face the consequences. I had to tryand fix the television set to get it operational again. I decided toreassemble the broken parts back together.

Imay not have thrived in undoing what I had done, but at least fromthat day, I succeeded in developing an interest that would shape andinfluence every sphere of my life. In high school, I quicklydeveloped an interest in the physics subject. This was because as asubject, physics involved the study of various concepts of nature,force, energy, and electricity. I realized this subject would equipme with the necessary tools and skills that I needed to materializemy love and passion for electronics and electrical components. Iwanted to know how to make and reassemble an electronic such as thetelevision set I smashed earlier on.

Learningabout the various components of physics gave me so much knowledge forthe continued development of my passion. I learned about electricalcircuit boards, capacitors, voltages, diodes and other electricalaspects which gave me an awareness of what I could have missed when Iwas trying to assemble back the television set. In fact, I evenrealized the mistakes I made back then that made it difficult to getit working again. This made learning physics quite interesting andenjoyable to me and that is why it is my favorite academic subject. Iconsider it as an intellectual adventure that greatly inspires me inmy daily undertakings. It also helps me relate rationally and expandmy knowledge and understanding of nature in every aspect. Theinfluence that physics has had in my life since I first developed aninterest in it as a young boy is significantly huge from my schooloverall grade, which has improved due to the fact that I performreally well in physics, to my future ambitions in a career. Myperception of career has been greatly influenced by physics such thatI want to pursue a major in physics at the college. It is my dream tostudy in Texas and to study a physics-related course.

Myaim to pursue a major in physics will push me to higher levels inthis field of science. I want to learn as much as I can since younever get tired of something you enjoy doing. I have learned of manygreat past and present physicians and they act as my role models. Infuture, I hope and wish to change the world through physics. Ibelieve your institution will be the perfect please to realize mydream