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Adolescent Sexuality



Adolescenceepitomizes a subtle phase in the switch between childhood andadulthood. The adolescent create their identity as well as advancetheir personality during this process. The subject of adolescentsexuality generates a huge debate regarding the recognition of theseindividuals as sexual beings. Therefore, this paper will present adiscussion on adolescent sexuality.

Theissue of sexuality is regarded to be one of the significant problemsthat arise during the adolescent period. The physical changes thattake place during puberty make the adolescent understand his/hersexuality and feature the individual with the novel social statussignificant in the framework of the association with peers andparents (Tulloh &amp Kaufman, 2013). Writing about the subject ofadolescent sexuality, Fortenberry (2013) argues that it is connectedto puberty. According to Fortenberry (2013), the sexuality of theyoung people is an incessant fascination to the shared imagination.The enthrallment contains a mixture of nostalgia as well as anxietythat clouds the self-evident thought that every grown-up extends thesexual adolescent that arose with puberty.

Thedevelopment of adolescent sexuality can be clarified using thebio-psycho model. The model encompasses the psychological,biological, as well as social factors with equal standing indetermining the adolescent sexuality development. The biologicalfactors include the neuro-endocrinal as well as genetic, which definethebiological sex and psychological gender. The social factors are theenvironmental issues that affect adolescent sexuality development.The psychological factors include one’s temperament as well aspersonality (Kar et al., 2015).

Inconclusion, this paper discussed the subject of adolescent sexualityand the factors that define it. The paper concludes that biological,social, as well as psychological factors are integral to adolescentsexuality development. These factors define the way an individualtransition from childhood to the adolescent stage.


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