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Advertising Medium


DinnerDome’s advertisement strategy will focus on using online marketingtools to promote the restaurant’s brand and products.

Duringthe opening phase, Dinner Dome will be unknown to the masses. Assuch, an intensive online campaign will be undertaken. The advertswill not focus on attracting specific target groups. Rather, thecommercials will center on creating awareness among a multitude ofpeople. It is important to get as many people as possible talkingabout the restaurant. Indiscriminate advertising will allow DinnerDome to attract even those people who neither have families nor arethey health-conscious. At this point, the restaurant can employ theuse of discounts and pricing offers through online coupons andvouchers.

Theadvertising approaches will include paid adverts on social mediaplatforms on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest,Instagram, and Tumblr. Adverts on YouTube will be done through shortand catchy adverts that utilize the first three seconds to make theviewer aware of Dinner Dome. After three seconds, most viewers havethe option to skip an advertisement. On the rest of the platforms,pictorial adverts will focus on having the name Dinner Dome besideeye-watering foods that are well set up. Proper food setup and designare important because in this era where people like sharing picturesof meals, the visual appeal of food is important. Moreover, theonline posters will have a minimalist design, but with a catchyphrase. Dinner Dome will also have its website up and running becauselinks from the social media adverts will direct a potential customerto Dinner Dome’s website. Also, Dinner Dome will have full-timepersonnel handling online customer queries.

Oncethe indiscriminate marketing and discount pricing strategies havebeen successfully concluded, Dinner Dome can embark on a more focusedmarketing strategy. This approach will require the creation of amobile phone application so that Dinner Dome can send alerts toclients, and offer them a wide array of services such as preordering,prepayment, and reservations. Online marketing can allow a businessto target particular persons. This is made possible by the use of aperson’s browsing patterns. Such information is held on a piece ofdata known as a cookie. When a customer accesses Dinner Dome’swebsite, the client’s surfing patterns are stored in the cookie.Since Dinner Dome will have information on a customer’spreferences, the restaurant will be able to send customizednotifications to the client, on their preferred meals.

Companieslike Google, Facebook, and YouTube collect personal data from theirusers which they can use to target potential Dinner Dome clients. Theadverts during the second phase will differ from those in the firstphase because they will be designed for different groups. First, thenon-specific adverts will still run, but at a lower frequency.Secondly, targeted commercials will be the primary advertising tools.Thirdly, the targeted advertisements will be more detailed and willbe based on consumer interests. Fourthly, Dinner Dome will use theonline platforms to create circles or groups in which customers canexchange opinions on a Dinner Dome “circle.” The online platformsthat were used during the first phase will be used during the secondphase.

Thenext phase of online advertising would be the creation of a brandidentity. A brand identity will be critical because a brand is whatpeople associate a business with when they first hear its name.Dinner Dome aims at selling a healthy meal for families which givesclients the feeling of home. Thus, at this stage, the advertisementswill have to evolve to accommodate the brand strategy. First, DinnerDomes adverts will make frequent appearances on websites that arecommon to individuals who are in their thirties and forties. Theseinclude family-related internet sites, sites that have maritalinformation, and news sites.

Secondly,the Dinner Dome’s adverts will be more family-centric. The advertswill focus on portraying the restaurant as family friendly. Forinstance, the adverts could depict a happy family enjoying a meal, orthe advert could emphasize the health benefits that arise whenfamilies eat at Dinner Dome. The adverts will target the ethos andpathos of persons. Thirdly, Dinner Dome’s adverts will emphasize onhealthy eating. Unlike fast food restaurant adverts that show mealslike fries and chicken, Dinner Dome’s meal posters will contain awhole range of foods to portray a balanced diet.

Theadvertisement strategies need not run in the sequence or timelinelisted above since transitioning from one stage to another will bebased on the market’s reaction to the various advertisementstrategies. Online marketing is cost effective, easily customizable,flexible, and can be used alongside other mediums such as print, andtelevision.