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Affordable Care Act

AffordableCare Act

TheCongress passed the affordable care act, and it was signed into lawin 2010, by the president of United States, Barack Obama, and theSupreme Court made the decision to uphold the act into law. Underthis act, hospitals and the prime doctors were required to turn theirpractices into financially, technologically and clinically to attainbetter health outcomes at lower costs and improved methods ofavailability and allocation (Baker, 2008). The Affordable care acthas burdened several states to take up all the vital legislative,policy, operational and IT system, and requires a lot of budgetaryallocations, with the public support for the whole plan being evenlydivided. Certain provisions of the act like the provision undersection 1501 expounds that persons will be assessed a fiscal fine ifthey fail to buy a health insurance plan that qualifies under thefederal definition of minimum important benefits. Such provision isviolating the individual liberty for a vast overreach ofcongressional power (Greendorfer, n.d.).

Theaffordable care act has affected how businesses are operating at bothstate and national levels this has consequently interfered with theprocess of hiring, compensation and general growth. The ACA comprisesa mandated employer design that forces the businesses to providefull-time staff with all-inclusive health insurance policies with aprocess having been delayed until 2015 for businesses that employmore than 99 employees (Kantarjian, 2016). Also, the ACA or Obamacarenow requires the employers to restrict the amount of premiums of somestaff pay as a portion or percentage of their wage income. The ACAhas significantly impacted the premiums on the small group marketcausing the rise. This is according to the survey that was conductedby Morgan Stanley an investment firm on 148 insurance brokers in2014. That same year the premiums stood at 11 percent for thebusinesses renewing in the small group market (Ryan, 2011).


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