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Alternate Sources of Energy

AlternateSources of Energy

Alternatesources of energy are those energy sources that do not utilize fossilfuels. Additionally, they are alternate from the conventional energysources since their rate of utilization is less that their rate ofproduction. These alternate sources of energy aim to reduce theimmense pollution caused by the conventional sources of energy andeliminate the burden of over-dependency on fossil fuels for power(Martín, 500). Their extensive research to replace the traditionalsources is for their easy availability and zero or small impacts tothe environment. From the low carbon emission of the alternatesources of energy, global trends are shifting towards the discoveryand utilization of the alternative energy sources to eliminate theundesired consequences of utilizing conventional sources of energy(Martín, 516). Additionally, changes in the climatic patterns,rapid population growths, and depletion in the reservoirs holding thefossil fuels motivate the utilization of the renewable sources ofenergy.

Thereare various forms of alternate energy sources, with the solar energybeing the leading source. Solar generates light and heat, with theprimary extraction method being the utilization of Photovoltaic Cellsto produce electricity (Kowalski, 2011). Wind energy has been in usesince the periods where boats were wind-propelled. Modernly, windturbines installed in large-scale to harness the power of the movingair and generate electricity for various appliances (Kowalski, 2011)extract wind power. Geothermal energy is harnessed from beneath theearth’s surface. The energy is renewable and completely clean.Hydroelectric power utilizes the energy of moving water to runturbines that in turn generate electricity (Tiwari, 216). The kineticenergy of the water drives the turbines, and the mechanical energy isconverted into electrical energy in the power generators (Tiwari,247). Other imperative sources include biomass, hydrogen energy, andocean energy.


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