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American Society




TheAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement took place in the 1960’s. Itwas a social movement in the United States of America. The aim of themovement was to bring to an end the racial segregation anddiscrimination that was prevalent in the US as at that time. Themovement also sought to ensure that African Americans got their legalrecognition and be recognized as full citizens therefore enjoycitizenship rights like other white Americans.

Asat that time, the pro-segregation Americans maintained a hard lineagainst the movements. The movement on the segregation united theblack people due to the belief that they were united to fight acommon enemy. The movements of 1960 were characterized by boycotts,Sit ins and marches across the streets. The people also held peacefulprotests in the streets. The contemporary movements nonetheless, arecharacterized by violent protests people taking on the streets andgoing on rampage. Other’s shooting at the police as viewed in theBlack Lives Matter. The Black lives matter is a movement with asimilar purpose as at that African-American Civil Rights Movement.However, the methods of revolting and expressing ideas are different.There are various possible repercussions of the Black Lives mattermovement. Socially the people will be more sensitized of thesegregation that exists and high chances the levels of discriminationwill reduce. Politically the government of the day is mandated by theconstitution to protect its people. Therefore, the government of thewill possibly rise to the occasion and address the segregation issue.The Black Lives Matter will also unite the people black and whiteAmericas who do not subscribe to the segregation.


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