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An Analysis of the Play “The Invisible Hand” Live Performance

AnAnalysis of the Play “The Invisible Hand” Live Performance

AnAnalysis of the Play “The Invisible Hand” Live Performance

Theplay “The Invisible Hand” incorporates intriguing suspense thatportrays pain and torture. It brings out the extent to whichindividuals can go to save their life and the greed for money thathas gripped the society leading men to engage in terrorist acts, andgambling by manipulation of the stock market so as to raise numbersof their balance sheets. In the play, Brights kidnappers almost gobeyond reason with the hope that heir captive will be able to changethe balance sheets and obtain the ransom they require. The play alsohighlights the subject of terrorism showing a much deeper reason thatgoes beyond religious ideologies and extremism.

Bright,who is faced with the quest to save his life, chooses to convince hiscaptors that even though it is hard to get his country to negotiatethe ransom, he can raise it himself while in the cell. Thissuggestion works for him as his captors ironically agree to his ideaof raising money by just using the laptop in the cell. Thisunexpected agreement is stirred up by the need for money by thepeople of the country faced with corruption, diseases, and expensiveschools and the high cost of irrigation needed to obtain a consistentoutput from the desert land (Pakistan).

Theplay portrays Muslims as extremists and opportunists who get a chanceto exhort money from a westerner and go ahead to do it. It furtherquestions the ideology that these acts of terrorism are normally forthe common good of the community since every character in the playare only looking out for themselves. The ideological Bashir getscorrupted after realizing that with the power, he can go to anyextreme extent to acquire money without caring about the lives ofpeople. The Imam himself is after his greed he steals a good shareof the money made where he uses religion and instills fear among hiscompanions to do so. Dar, who is young and obedient, believes in thegood of the people. However, he gets an inward transformation tocorruption by observing the Imams corruption.

Theplay also captures the danger and fear of lives of investigativejournalists who undertake to unearth the corruption and opportunisticmannerism of the people of Middle East. The imam quotes that “indeedwe are prisoners of our corrupt making.&quot He tells of how hisfather as an investigative journalist lost his life in the course ofcollecting reports of embezzlement of funds. But as the corruptsociety did kill him, the Imam feels justified pocketing some of themoney as he undertakes that which he deems as projects for the commongood. This instance shows that a society which is corrupt may beshaped by a deeper personal encounter than it may look.

Thedirector of the play was able to bring out the above importantsubjects by using the setup of a cell, the fast pace of the play andthe thrilling effects. He further enhanced the set up by the blindinglights now and then and a background and the shattering noises inbetween scenes which captures the brilliance and a sensationalexperience throughout the play. He also opted for a smallerperformance space which made the audience concentrate more on theideology and focus on the development of the play. The performance atsome point was humorous and the same time made me thrilled at thesuspense of anticipating and guessing on how things would turn outfor Bright at the hand of his kidnappers.