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Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)


ANOVA is a mathematical technique that could be put into usein many applications such as in engineering as well as manufacturing.The method is aimed at analyzing the extent by which data varies(Ostertagová, 2013). There are several techniques of data analysisbut ANOVA stands to be the best most reliable when dealing with morethan two samples.

Sample article using ANOVA

Tonja Motley’s 2012 research paper put to use the technique. Theprimary purpose of the study was to examine the variations in howwell a group of students had grasped the concept of mathematics. Thepopulation selected comprised of African Americans, female and malestudents, among others. A sample size of 474 students was selected.Each student was briefed on the importance of the study through anemail which contained a link to an online survey and privacy policyof the study. Once the online survey was submitted, it constitutedtheir consent to be involved in the study.

This research determined a considerable amount results for thestudent characteristics and the various vicarious experiencesconstruct subsections at the p-value of 0.025 which had already beenadjusted. It was concluded that gender had an effect statistically onvicarious experience. Another observation was that males scoredhigher than females and that local environment was seen to have animpact on proficiency, with home students obtaining higher scoresthan urban students. It was also noted that the marks and rankreceived for the math subject the previous term was discovered tohave a substantial impact statistically.

Advantages of ANOVA over other Techniques

In times when only two samples are involved, t-test and ANOVA mostlygive similar results, but the use of a t-test is not as reliable ininstances where more than two samples are expected to be compared.ANOVA is advantageous in that it can often be put into use when theobservations number slightly differs from the other in every group.ANOVA has been of huge help in medical research as it can assistthose in the medical field to compare treatments and conclude whichparticular one has the most effect and therefore which is most costviable. Research in farming is another important area whereby ANOVAis useful in testing just how effective particular fertilizers orplanting seeds are (Ostertagová, 2013).


There are several instances where ANOVA serves as the best method forapplication. When a firm wants to make a comparison of the employeeproductivity based on many factors, such as working hours and workingconditions, ANOVA can be applied. It is a technique that givesaccurate results and more reliable than the alternatives.



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