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Analyzing a Cultural Trend

Analyzinga Cultural Trend

Analyzinga Cultural Trend

AfricanAmericans consider rap music or hip-hop to oral poetry. Its originsdate back to jazz, rock, gospel and the blues. Hip-hop has theconsiderations of being a subcultural art movement that had itsformation during the early 1970s by the African-Americans youthsliving in the South Bronx in the big Apple City. However, it was notuntil the late 1980s, that hip-hop became widely popular and acceptedoutside the black community. Many black community enthusiasts havedescribed the musical genre as the only avant-garde that is still inexistence with the ability to deliver the new shock and has theshakable bourgeoisie to help boot. Hip-hop as a term most often thannot has its use in a unique fashion only synonymous with the practiceof the rap music.

Mainstreammedia has for some time now criticized the black cultural upbringing.This has also been seen in printing presses. According to Reed(2010), he emphasizes that African-American music and dance is stillthe source of profitability that favor whites in marketing theirartistry (2010). For example, Elvis Presley has been recognized asthe king of rock and roll despite the fact that rock music is tracedback to have been started by blacks. It is evident that black peopleare gradually losing their grasp over the originally black controlledmusic genres such as Rhythm and Blues and hip-hop musical genres.Reed, describes African-Americans as unrefined which is the mainreason why they have not found the chance of playing certainfundamentals in music and singing certain musical styles. However,white people have a freedom of participating in any music genre andplay all musical component.


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