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Ancient Medicine.




Medicineis one of the oldest professions. Diseases have existed since thestart of mankind and this drove the need for medicine to cure them.Since there was no education in the ancient days, informal methods oftreatment were used. There were traditional medicine men who curedthese diseases without the actual knowledge about them. With time andwith the introduction of education, people learned about the scienceof treating diseases. Through this, they learned that some of thebeliefs they had about diseases were true but others were wrong. Thefact that traditional ways of curing diseases existed before thestudy of science creates a very strong relationship between Medicineand magic. (Charles,Gafni &amp Whelan, 1997).

Medicineuses science to treat diseases. Science looks for the specific causeof the disease and determines the cure for the disease depending onthe cause. The cure is based on factual information. Magic does notlook for the cause of the disease, assumptions are just made and thena treatment plan is determined without any factual information.

Severalstudies have been done on the relationship between Medicine andmagic. The Hippocrates studiesare agood comparison between Medicine and magic. The ancient Greeks had atendency of creating imaginary letters and speeches which were madeby famous people this gradually reduced the difference between thefalse and the genuine. Very little data has been found aboutHippocrates life. He is seen as a wise person who was called to treatDemocritus of madness. He refused to treat him because he was saneand also would not serve the king of Persia. He was also a greatdoctor who was able to treat the famous Athens’ plague and thelovesickness of the monarch. These two has been termed as incurable. These stories have a lot of beliefs and they have greatly contributedto the current medicine since the Hippocratic Oath which started fromthere exists up to today. (Lloyd,Chadwick, &amp Mann, 1978).

Anotherstudy which compares Medicine and magic is TheScience of Medicine.This study compares the ancient medicine with the current medicine.The ancient medicine is termed as Artbecause it mainly depended on beliefs and assumptions. Currentmedicine is termed as Sciencebecause it is based on studies where the cause of the disease isfirst determined and then the treatment is based on the cause.(Nutton,1995).

Inthis study, I will use The Hippocratic Corpus and The Science ofMedicine to analyze the comparison between medicine and magic. Thesesources have a lot of details about both subjects and therefore willprovide very valuable information about the study.


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