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Anne Rice`s Vampires

AnneRice’s Vampires

AnneRice’s Vampires

Critiqueof “Ann Rice’s Vampires”

AnneRice indicates three key points in the article “Anne Rice’sVampires.” The first point is the positive and negative issuesrelated to being a vampire. The vampire experience is positivebecause it enhances power and control over the human race. The secondissue is the superior senses of the vampires. They have an intenseexperience, feelings, and thoughts. They can overcome challenges forinstance, their bodies remain young with time. The third concept inthe article is unnatural or unordinary nature of the vampires. Theyoperate effectively at night, and their diet is mainly human blood.

Myassessment of the reading is that it compares the vampires experienceto the happenings in the human society. Vampires represent evil ornegative occurrence in the community. The thirst for human blood byvampires may represent the greed of corporations in maximizingprofits in the current capitalistic society. My reaction to thearticle is positive. This is because the article has providedsufficient information about the connection of the vampire stories tothe current human society. Vampires represent painful or sad eventsexperienced by people. Parents who abandon their children are viewedas vampires because they negatively affect the social, cognitive, andbiological development of their children.

Critiqueof “Vampire Celebrities”

Thearticle that is being critiqued is “Vampire Celebrities.” Thearticle is authored by Louis H. Palmer. The subject that is discussedin the article is the meaning of vampires in the society. The articleindicates how vampires adhere to the societal trends andexpectations. I learnt three things from the article. First, thevampire concept is used for social commentary purposes for example,to explain the shortcomings of the political leadership. Second,vampirism is a metaphor that denotes negative events in thecommunity for instance, the HIV/AIDS pandemic that kills thousandsof people every year. Third, the mass media has created the cultureof celebrity vampires. Journalism has enhanced the collection ofinformation about the vampire effect on the society for instance,increasing the fear of negative behavior or events in the community.

FilmReview Template

Titleof the film:Interviewwith the Vampire

Plotof the film:The American horror film that was made as an adaptation of the AnnRice’s 1976-published fiction Interview with the Vampire. The filmpresents a fictional story revolving around Lestat de Lioncourt andLouis de Pointe du Lac. The two are the key characters in the film.As a vampire, Lastat used his powers to turn his friend Louis into avampire before doing the same to other characters like Claudia andNicolas de Lenfent.

Themeof the film:The film is educative because it addresses important themes such asthe role of supernatural powers in soul-searching and addressing oflife dilemmas.

Pointof view of the filmmaker:The filmmaker shows that people in the society have the ability toinfluence other to engage in good or negative action. The vampiresare feared in the society because they are associated with trauma anddeath. People should strive to engage in moral and legal conduct soas to safeguard the happiness of other members of the society.

Howwas the “vampire” portrayed in this film? Give Examples. The vampire is portrayed as a mysterious figure with uniquequalities and characters. The film depicts him as a bisexual creaturethat has a feeling for females and males. Besides, the vampireappears to be a defiant, enthusiastic, and bold character that does alot of strange things in the society. Atthe same time, the vampire is portrayed as an outgoing person who hasexcellent abilities to make friends. This justifies why despite hisdefiance, the vampire managed to relate well with people likeClaudia, Louis, and Lenfent.

Howdid society react to the “vampire?” Give Examples. Peoplewere impressed by the film because it indicated the negative thoughtsand occurrences in the society. People who commit evil acts areviewed as empires for instance, thieves and murders.

Whatwere the characteristics of the slayer?The slayer is a vampire character that is obsessed with causing harmto people for example, killing them for blood.

Howdid the era in which the film was made affect the message of thefilm?Indeed, the timing of the film was important because it made ituseful to the society. For example, the featuring of the vampire as abisexual creature helped in addressing the challenge of sexualdiscrimination that has become a major issue of concern in thecontemporary society.

Werethere any underlying messages in this film?The film shows negative or sad events in the society. It aims atencouraging responsible people to take action towards overcoming thevices and challenges, so as to make the society a safe place foreverybody.

Summarizeyour reaction to and evaluation of the film:After watching the film, I concluded that it is a good production.Despite the scary scenes in the film, it remains useful because itentertains and imparts a lot of lessons to the audience. Itscharacterization, plot, and cast are superb.