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AP Wk-4 Assignment Grant Funding

APWk-4 Assignment: Grant Funding

APWk-4 Assignment: Grant Funding

Non-profitorganizations achieve their objectives through the grants. Fundersgive grants depending on the alignment of the proposed projects withtheir respective missions (Falk, 2011 and Faruqi, 2011). The proposedcommunity-based project aims to provide support to the veterans withtraumatic brain injuries and cognitive deficits. The successfulimplementation of the project will help the affected veterans renterthe community and eligible occupation. The potential funder for thisprogram is the Newman’s Own Foundation.

Oneof the key values that are expressed by the Newman’s Own Foundationis compassion for the veterans who find difficulties re-entering thecommunity. The organization states that its aim is to supportnon-profit entities that help the veterans to transition to civilianlife from the active duty (Newsman’s Own Foundation, 2013). Inaddition, the ability to achieve transformational change in the lifeof veterans is one of the most important factors that are consideredby the foundation. This is confirmed by the “Focus Area”statement where the foundation states that its intention is to seethe potential for successful transformational change (NOF, 2013).Additionally, its mission statement holds that the organization aimsto nourish the common good and transform lives through the power ofgiving. Therefore, the mission statement is a sufficient clue of thevalues upheld by the foundation.

Inconclusion, the values and things that are important to the Newman’sOwn Foundation are in line with the objectives of the proposedproject. The project will facilitate the transformation of the livesof venetians with brain injuries. This transformation will beachieved by providing them with adaptive equipment education, safetycues, body mechanics, and home exercise programs. Therefore, theproject is within the focus area of the foundation.


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