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Apple and Samsung Case Study


Appleand Samsung Case Study

Appleand Samsung Case Study

Thewar between Apple and Samsung relating to patents in the smartphoneindustry has been going on for quite some time. With counter claimsfrom both large phone manufacturers by filing lawsuits regardingpatents in various jurisdiction ranging from the United States,European Union, and Asia, the two companies have engaged innever-ending legal battle. The war began in April 2011 when Applesued Samsung for patent infringement on design features and userinterface. The case was filed in U.S. District Court for the NorthernDistrict of California for Samsung infringement on features found oniPads and iPhones (Jesica, 2014).

AlthoughSamsung also filed some claims against Apple such as the considerableamount of resources spent between 2005 and 2010 in research and thenumber of patents obtained thereby claiming to more inventive, thecase was won by Apple in 2012 (Jesica, 2014). Samsung defense wasrejected all Samsung’s infringement counterclaims were denied aswell. The patents were being used as a weapon to gain market shareand also form the basis of product differentiation. A similar lawsuitwas also filed by Apple in Germany against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1(Pahore, 2011). Again, the case was decided against Samsung and aninjunction banning the sale of the product was issued on August 9,2011. Later, on 24 July 2012, a ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7 was alsogranted in Duesseldorf Higher Court.

Theseclaims and counterclaims have occurred in many countries thatunderstand the value of innovation. Due to this cases Apple’smarket share rose by 2 percent while that of Samsung stumbled almost8 percent (Jesica, 2014). The wars can be beneficial for consumersregarding creative design alternative from various smartphonemanufacturers without having to copy others already established inthe market. Companies have to be unique or else they face theirproducts being banned from the market.


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