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AppleInc. Operates is a multinational company that operates fromCalifornia, in the United States. It focuses on technology and isknown for originality and innovativeness. The company develops a widerange of products including both technological software and hardware.The company’s devices are made in three different stages. Thedesign and original ideas are developed in the United States, themotherboard in Taiwan and Singapore, and the final production phaseis conducted in China as put by Chuck (2016).

Appleutilizes data mining processes for the retrieval of facts for themanagers and employees and therefore, enhance the operation of theinformation systems. It also uses an ERP referred to as SAP fromGermany to track its businesses and enhance consumer relations(Benson, Ribbers &amp Blistein, 2014). The Mac and iPhone deviceshave a CRM software installed by the company as a way of managing andanalyzing data and client interactions in their entire life (Chuck,2016). The aim of such a software was to improve the company’srelationship with its customers. Such have distinguished Apple fromits competitors.

Thecompany faces competition from other giant tech companies such asSamsung, Google, and Microsoft. The company has however, managed toremain at the top with the highest market index compared to itscompetitors. Such excellence has been attributed by the company’sinnovativeness in development of newer and more advanced products,and its relationship with the clients. Such demonstrates a high levelof business intelligence.


AppleInc. is a renowned multinational company that majors on technology.It is the company known for the invention, production, and marketingof the popular Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch,iOS, Apple range of computers, iTunes, among other famous and popularproducts. The company’s headquarters are in Cupertino, California,United States. The original designs, innovation, and decisions aremade in the United States while the sophisticated Apple parts aremade in Taiwan and Singapore. The production phase occurs inShenzhen, China. It is in Shenzhen that intense labor is employed forthe assembly of parts and final production and marketing of theiPhone (Chuck, 2016). The location of the company’s productionphase in China has significantly contributed to increased revenuegeneration for the nation. China has also become an important marketfor Apple products and has considerably contributed to the company’sincreased profit margin (Chuck, 2016). The drastic rise of Apple inthe technology world has mainly been attributed to sound businessstrategies that include enterprise resource planning, customerrelationship management, and business intelligence. Apple Inc. hasgone through a lot in the technological industry including thedevelopment of the Operating System, and innovating new products.Additionally, it experiences competition from other companies in theindustry. Apple Inc. has also recently celebrated twenty years ofproduction in the industry, which has been enabled by its ITstrategies aimed at gaining control and creatively managing themarket and technology trends.

Developmentsof Apple’s Operating System

Apple’soperating system has been unique since it was first created. Theoperating system has undergone multiple developments to create thenewest version referred to as the iOS 10. The software was once anidea of Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak. The two developedthe Mac OS back in 1970s. This was later upgraded to Mac OS X afterthe return of Steve Jobs to Apple Inc. The Mac OS X was latermodelled into iPhone OS, which was used for the newly developedphones – the iPhones. The operating system was later renamed iOSdue to the introduction of the iPads. This operating system hasundergone great modifications and upgrades in order to beuser-effective and compete other systems such as Android.

Inrelation to Android, iOS is best known for its clever ecosystemcreated with love, creativity, and intelligence. The preference ofthe newer iOS managed to outdo the once popular Blackberry OS. TheiOS 9 accounted for 20.3% of the European smartphone-market index butfalls behind Android in popularity. The iOS is programmed in the C,C++, Objective-C, and Swift programming languages whereas Android isprogrammed in C, C++, and Java, which makes it more customizable thaniOS (Diffen LLC., 2015). Due to its compatibility and simplicity,Android has managed to have a smartphone-market share of 81.5%globally compared to iOS, which has a market share of 14.8% globallyas put by Diffen LLC. (2015).

ApplesNewer Products

Oneof the traits that characterize the Apple Company is its innovativenature. The peak of its innovativeness is evident in the new iOS 10,which is an epic piece of technology. Apple is among the fewcompanies known for software and hardware innovation (Chris DeMurthJr., 2016). The company produces new products almost annually. Allthe Apple products are unique and authentic, displaying greatcreativity in their creation (Apple Inc., 2016). The recenttechnological advances have seen Apple produce devices withintegrated intelligent systems that make the devices interact withthe environment.

Oneof the most recent Apple product was the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.The product was announced in September 2016 and has been rated as thebest iPhone that the company has ever created (Chuck, 2016). The newproduct has incredible new technology that is incomparable tonon-other. The new features include the use of intelligent systemssuch as the pressure-sensitive home button (Apple Inc., 2016). Thenew phone also uses the Bluetooth technology for its wirelessearbuds. The product has done commendably well in the market. Such isattributed to Apple’s customer relationship and the ability toproduce user-friendly devices. Another new Apple hardware productincludes the Apple watch, which according to Apple Inc. (2016), canreceive text messages, make a call, display data on weather, and isalso used in measuring different health components during exerciseand sports activities.

Thereare also prospects of what the iPhone 8 would look like. The mostemphasized thing is the dual camera setup with a wide range lens andthe telephoto lens. Both rare cameras are anticipated to have an OIS(Optical Image Stabilization). This great technology is set to reduceblurring of the images which occurs when the camera is moved duringexposure. The iPhone 7 has the OIS technology which makes it a topnotch smartphone for photography and image processing.

Accordingto Apple Inc. (2016), the company has developed newer software suchas the iOS 10 and the iOS 10.1. The release of the two comes afterMicrosoft (Apple’s competitor in software technology) released itsWindows 10 operating system (News 18., 2016). Apple described therelease of iOS 10 and iOS 10.1 as the biggest in its innovativehistory. The new software indicates Apple’s improved efforts inenhancing its artificial intelligence efforts as a business strategyto be at pace and even stay ahead of its greatest competitors such asMicrosoft, Samsung, Lenovo, and IBM.


Appleis essentially the most preferred brand in the tech industry. Theprices of its products have however been high making most of itscompetitors such as Samsung to dominate the market of products suchas smartphones (Chuck, 2016). However, in the United States, Appletrails Android’s Samsung by about 10%. IPhone’s market share inthe United States stands at 43.6% while that of its closestcompetitor (Samsung) in the smartphone category stands at 27.6%(Ramirez, 2009). The Apple product is mostly liked due to itsuser-friendliness, aestheticism, and the intelligence behind itscreation.

Microsofthas also been one of Apple’s greatest competitors, especially incomputer systems. The Microsoft Corporation announced the expansionof its hardware portfolio with the aim of challenging Apple’s iMac(Ramirez, 2009). The most recent release by Microsoft Corp. that wasexpected to challenge Apple’s iMac was the Surface Studio – atwenty-eight-inch personal computer with the touch-screen technology.

Otherfamiliar competitors of the world’s tech giant include Google.Google’s has been Apple’s challenger in various fronts. GoogleDrive has always posed a threat to Apple’s iCloud in the globalmarket share as it claims to have over one million customers. TheGoogle Chromebook 13 has also threatened Apple’s iPad Pro (News18., 2016). Chromebook’s low-cost have favored their sales rate andhave challenged Apple’s Mac sales in the United States. News 18.(2016) indicate that Google’s Chromebooks recorded a two millionsale in the United States in Q1 compared to Apple’s Mac, which hada total sale of 1.7 million in the same period.


Oneof the most recent Apple events was the celebration of its twentyyears in the production of Apple range of products. The unveiling ofthe coffee table book marked the event. The book was designed inCalifornia as a description of the company’s work over the years(Apple Inc., 2016). This recent invention aimed at revealing SteveJob’s ambition of creating a tool that would be beneficial tohumanity. Regarding the advances in technology, the company’s topleaders revealed that they aim at doing away with cables and embracethe wireless technology in the company’s devices.


Thecompany’s IT strategies have enabled it gain control and creativelymanage the market and technology trends. Apple products have managedto stay at the top of the market shares despite great competition.The linking of IT strategies with the company’s plans and itsbusiness units has been critical in ensuring its success aselaborated by High (2014).

Appleuses SAP ERP in its business operations. The ERP, also known asEnterprise Resource Plan as put by McFarlan (2003), is known for itsefficiency in tracking business and consumer interactions (Benson,Ribbers &amp Blistein, 2014). It has been of great benefit inensuring that the company continues to experience success in itsoperations. It was also noted that Apple utilizes data miningoperations for the retrieval of facts for the managers and employees(Ramirez, 2009). The data mining has been beneficial in forecastingsales and increasing customer satisfaction through client reviews.


Itis evident that Apple is the best tech brand in the world today dueto its innovativeness of the Operating System and new products likethe iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus . The company’s success in thetechnology and business world is largely attributed to theintegration of IT strategies and its business plans. China has beenbeneficial to the company as it hosts Apple’s final productionphase and serves as one of the company’s primary market. Thecompany has some competitors like Samsung and Microsoft, but hasmanaged to stay at the top for twenty years due to its innovativenature and proper strategies.


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