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Application #1 Creative side


Application#1: Creative side

Theadvent of technology has revolutionized human interaction, andeverything is now changing at an incredible speed, it is, therefore,evident that if one cannot accommodate changes in his or her life,they will fall behind. Albert Einstein once quoted that creativity isbetter than knowledge because the later has limits. The importance ofcreativity can be seen in different fields such as in business andcommunication. It helps in problem solving, original and innovatingthinking.

Mycreative side is my ability to play bamboo flute using the Chinesefolk music Band. Although people are not familiar with this genre,the good thing about it is that one can combine the beauty oftraditional Chinese music and instruments and perform western pieces.Additionally, since majority Americans are in love with pop music, Ihave also been able to combine them and rearrange the pieces so toenable me to play using Chinese instruments. The result is are uniquetraditional music elements combined with the beauty of both westernand Chinese music.

Theinitiative has been very effective especially with this era ofglobalization where people move from one play to another forbusiness, schooling or any other purposes. Additionally, the Internethas also provided an avenue for reaching out to the larger populationat a relatively cheaper cost. Within the campus environment, we havebeen holding concerts every semester and people have been attractedto the new genre of music. Both Chinese and American students andordinary citizens come to enjoy music produced by traditional musicalinstruments. This initiative has proven that traditional practicesare still compatible with modern techniques of doing things. However,one has to employ some creativity to make it a success.

Application#2: A better place

Environmentalistsoften argue that one should leave a place in a better state than heor she found it, one of the steps that I undertook to improve myschool was creating a Garden on the Roof Club. Before I initiated theproject, I realized that majority students were either uncomfortablewith the usual relaxing areas or simply did not like them. The ideaof building a garden on the roof of our academic building, therefore,came as a result of the urge to use my creativity to create somethingnew and show the importance of environmental conservation. The gardenon the roof has transformed learning and how people interact.Students are now able to apply some of the theoretical knowledge thatthey have learned in class. In the garden, we grow and studydifferent species of plants. Classes have become more interestingthan ever because we get to use what we have learned and has helpedwith memory retention.

Anotheraspect of students’ life that has been affected positively isinteraction. The garden on the roof provides a place where studentscan relax and chat after school. It has become a great place to takea break from tedious schoolwork and improve learning efficiency.People have made new friends there while others have realized theirdeep passion for biology and environmental conservation. Both theschool administration and the student body have acknowledged thepositive impact of this initiative on learning subjects such asbiology and promoting corporation and unity among students byencouraging interactions. Personally, I have learned that even smallthings, when done with passion, can have positive impacts on theenvironment.

Application#3: Biology

Ihave always been fascinated with the environment and how livingorganisms interact with the ecosystem. Personally, I believe thatevery organism needs the other indirectly or directly and as aresult, the destruction of one species cause mass extinction ofothers. Biology mainly deals with the study of living things,including plants and animals. Biology is currently my best andfavorite subject, and I am hoping to major in a related field as Iadvance in my studies.

Biologyhas influenced several aspects of my life. For example, studying thesubject has equipped me with scientific knowledge such as analyzingand interpretation data. As a result, I can make deductions based onavailable indicators in the environment. My curiosity in providingexplanations for health and environmental problems facing mycommunity has also increased. I received a first prize in my highschool`s independent case study contest by submitting my researchpaper on a local middle school`s contaminated campus. My report hadtried to explain potential risk factors and impacts of the school`scontaminated campus. This award has motivated me to study even harderand help provide answers to problems within my neighborhood.

Mypassion for biology has also influenced my opinion on importanceenvironmental conservation. I believe that conservation should beginby an individual taking the right steps and ensuring that he or shedoes not take part in the destruction of their immediatesurroundings. In response to this, I also started another groupcalled planting for hope. The group raises money to buy trees and goto suburban areas where there are many factories. We plant trees toimprove the overall environment. My belief is that with a healthyenvironment, people will live better lives.

Application#4: Greatest Skill

Froman individual`s perspective, when people around are inspired andhappy, we tend to thrive together, and the output is always worthevery effort made. Through experience, I have learned that theability to inspire others or motivate is my greatest skill. This isbased on my personal philosophy stating that &quotno man is anisland&quot and regardless of our social or economic life, weeventually need each other.

Itis said that if you want to go fast travel alone, but if you want toreach furthest go as a group, personally, rarely are great thingsachieved single-handedly. Teamwork is part and foremost of inspiringothers. When one motivates his friends and mates, it is evident thatthey will work as a team and hence achieve more. During my childhood,I got to develop my skill by encouraging others, especially myteammates as soccer was one of my favorite games. I always sided withthe coach to uplift the mood of my team members.

Ihave been able to develop my skill throughout high school as a clubleader and in several extracurricular activities. As a result, I havealso developed my communication and interpersonal skills which Ibelieve will help me later in life. Additionally, this skill hashelped uplift other’s self-esteem hence allowing them to persevereand become better versions of themselves. Additionally, throughencouraging teamwork, decision making has become more efficientbecause everyone is encouraged to contribute his or her thought andonce people decide on something, compliance rates are usually veryhigh.