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Application Essay

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I am more passionate about improving my skills and experience invarious aspects of the ecosystem. I want to apply for a masterprogram in applied and environmental microbiology that will make sureI have all the knowledge needed to be a professional in the field.More importantly, the society had undergone massive changes that haveresulted in destructive consequences. Instead, the professionals aresupposed to facilitate sustainability and reducing the contaminantsthat might be disposed of in the environment by the various corporateinstitutions in the society. In fact, I am focused on understandinghow I will use microorganism in the bio-remediation process, oilspillage as well as the biodegradation of the various toxic products.The knowledge in the three areas will be quite helpful inhighlighting the best way in which I can strive to make the earthcleaner and safer again. As a professional in environmentalmicrobiology, I have the role to protect the eco-system and stillhelp in facilitating the sustainability of the ecosystem too. I willuse the knowledge in sensitizing the big corporate organizationsagainst using their institutions to pollute the environment. I willillustrate the harm that they are causing in the ecosystem and urgethem to make a change instead (Macaulay, Babajide Milton &ampDeborah Rees, 36). Besides that, I will focus on the processes ofcleaning the environment and making sure I get rid of the harmfulcontaminants released by the corporate companies that are more likelyto undermine the health and safety standards. More specifically, themaster’s program will provide the practical lessons, the tutors andthe labs that will intensify the scientific research to enhance myunderstanding of the environmental microbiology.

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