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AR wk 5 Disc

ARwk 5 Disc

ARWk 5 Disc

Thispaper discusses the potential risks and barriers that are encounteredin the Community Based Project tailored program for veteran males andfemales with traumatic brain injuries and cognitive deficits. Theprogram will be different from any other program offered as it willbe a smaller setting group accepting only patients with traumaticbrain injuries scoring a level seven or eight on the Ranchos LosAmigos Scale. Identification of the likely potential risks andbarriers will be guided by SWOT analysis.

Thefirst challenge that the organization faces is that it does not haveenough people to do the work. The funders seemingly may not begenuine in their work and they are likely to be very cunning infinancing the community project. In fact, there are chances that theyhave hidden motive for doing the project. The community-based projectalso spends much of its time partnering and the process requires moreresources that may be unavailable. The administrative demands arevery hectic and the organization lacks the capacity to withstand theneeds. Given that the project also operates in the community, thereis a challenge from the members who are not willing to cooperate withthe organization. Lack of cooperation might make the realization ofthe objectives and ideals of the organization a mirage (Kaganet al., 2011). Thedeficiencies in regards to rapport and communication are a challengefor the organization. No proper communication channels exist in placeto ensure smooth passage of information. Due to the poorcommunication, there is poor implementation of the policies andguidelines to help in the process.

Thecommunity-based program faces a couple of risks. First, the runningof the program is guided by government policies, which change sofrequently(Minkler, 2012).Some of the changes may be unfavorable for the business making itdifficult to run them. In case, the stakeholders also do notcommunicate properly, there are chances that implementation processof different programs will be tampered with. The changes inregulations may be also a risk as far as funding sources areconcerned. Some of the federal requirements are likely to make theoperations of the program difficult. This project does not operate ina vacuum and therefore faces challenges and risks in its operationsas identified.


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