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Art History Survey II


The Origin and Manifesto of Futurism

Futurism was first initiated in Italy to freeits people from stinking gangrene individuals. It intended to showthe danger of affection, the tendency of energy and bravery. They aredoing so but in fear that their successors will disregard them onwhat they have done so far. Though according to my point of view,this makes them grateful because they won’t be there, their worksshall be read in books today. Sincerely speaking, the future shallexclude certain talent of the young individual after lingeringregulation by their parents. Though, these young people do believethat the future lies upon them since they have ambitious wills.

There is a particular think that Gioconda isfrequently used to give tribute once a year. Except I don’t confessthat our sorrows, our delicate audacity, our moody agitation ought tobe known on day after day conducted visit all the way through theprehistoricplaces. They distinguish themselves as free people and cannot poisontheir selves, hence decomposing for no reason. To realize the future,they have to demonstrate while singing their revolutionary in themodern capitals. Crowdie does not exist in their world since theyhave all it takes to attain the future. Their economy will be veryproductive because they have the production forces waiting.

Positioning themselves on the final peninsulaof the centuries, they are looking back see how far they have comefrom. All they want now is tobreak the outside doors that were seen impossible to do so. Thefuturists are already living in an actual time and space since theyhave created everlasting and ubiquitous speed. They insist theworld’s brilliance has all along been enriched by an originalattractiveness the magnificence of speed. (Brain, Flint, Higgitt, &ampTisdall, 1973)



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