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Article Reflection




Thearticle “TheEthics of Assisted Suicide”by nursing researcher Isabel Paterson is one that can elicitdifferent responses from the critics and proponents of assistedsuicide. At a personal level, this is among the few articles writtenabout assisted suicide that has the interests of patients at heart.The availability of life-threatening dosages and injections shouldnot be used as a basis for compromising the sanctity of life(Paterson, 2013). Although advancements in medical technologies havesimplified the process of administrating assisted suicide, healthpractitioners and the society should strive to ensure that they donot abuse the practice.

Throughthis well-written article, it is lucid that assisted suicide shouldbe a transparent course as opposed to a covert process. The knowledgegained from this article, as well as the lectures, have transformedmy point of view on assisted suicide. Initially, I despised all formsof induced death. However, for now, my perspective is twofold:assisted death is acceptable when done within the confines of legalregulations and it is also unjustifiable when carried out covertly.The content of this article relates to patients in critical care whoconsider death as the only viable option for alleviating theirindividual suffering.

Toconclude, this article is logical and relevant regarding the ethicsof the practice of assisted suicide. The general conclusions of theauthor allow room for reflection upon the debate surrounding assistedsuicide. On one hand, the article underscores unjustifiable nature ofkilling helpless patients who do not desire die. On the other end, itis justifiable to alleviate suffering through a dignified form ofdeath (Paterson, 2013). Personally, I would not vouch for assistedsuicide should I go through the suffering that palliative carepatients undergo.


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