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Article Review


Thearticle “CerebralActivations Related to Writing and Drawing with Each Hand”has been written by Potgieser, Hoorn, and Jong Bauke. The aim of thearticle was to assess the functioning of the dorsal as well asventral premotor regions in the writing action. The authors carriedout a study involving 16 healthy right-handed individuals in anattempt to investigate the functioning of the dorsal and ventralpremotor during the writing and drawing process (Potgieser 1). Theresults of the study showed that the PMd and PMv were bilaterallyactivated during the left and right-hand drawing, and the activationsaround the IPS became more symmetrical. However, regardless of thehand used for drawing, the activations in the left hemisphere wereindicated to be stronger compared to those in the right hemisphere.

Theidea of the functioning of the right and left hemisphere in relationto drawing and writing is a concept that has been supported inpsychology. It has been claimed that writing through dictation wherethere is no feedback from reading makes use of initialphonological-orthographical conversion located in the left temporallobe (Young 64). Also, the idea of the difference in the functioningof the right and left hemispheres has been accounted for individualdifferences in carrying out different tasks.

WhatI liked most about the article is that it has been in a position tosupport its claims through conducting a study. Through the use of 16subjects, the article was in a position to show that there was adifference in the functioning of the dorsal as well as ventralpremotor regions in the drawing and writing. I agree with the articleon the difference in action between the right and left hemispheres inrelation to the writing and drawing processes.


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