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Artifacts in Imaging

Artifactsin Imaging

Artifactsin Imaging

Ultrasonographyimaging may be affected by artifacts that can give images unusualappearances and can be misleading. Artifacts are defined asappearances in images that do not accurately represent the anatomy ofthe organ being scanned (Gill, 2012). Sonographers must take care ofartifacts in their imaging because they can lead to misinterpretationof tissues that do not correspond to the real tissues.

Artifactsseen during ultrasound scanning can be misleading in various ways.First, the intended tissues may be missing from the images leading toa misdiagnosis. Gill (2012) indicates that the tissues may bedistorted and their appearance may be misinterpreted by theprofessionally. Finally, artifacts can result in images being toobright or dark leading to an assumption that they are under some formof infection.

Sonographersshould take care to prevent the equipment generated artifacts. Theyshould correctly set the gain and TCG controls. This will prevent theimages from too bright or dark. The gain must be set at the mediumlevel to avoid a blurring image (Gill, 2012). Also, some of thestructures such as the heart are always in some form of motion.Sonographers must ensure that the frame rate of the transducer iscapable of capturing an organ in movement.

Ihave exercised various artifacts that have misrepresented thepathology in different organs. He first was a mirror image artifactof a bladder image that imitated the presence of a cyst in thepelvis. The other was an increased shadowing when imaging thegallbladder as a result of increased darkness. This wronglyrepresented the possibility of biliary calculi. However, uponadjusting the transducer to the correct gain, the images becameclear.

Conclusively,artifacts are common in ultrasonography imaging, and they may lead toa misdiagnosis. Artifacts lead to above average dark or brightimages, and there is a possibility of presenting a wrongfulpathology. Setting the right gain and TCG control can assist ineliminating artifacts in images.


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