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Artists Helping the Homeless

ArtistsHelping the Homeless

ArtistsHelping the Homeless

Changestowards removing some barriers faced by this population

First,I would work to ensure that the government spends public funds in themost appropriate way possible. I would then facilitate for anincrease in the funds allocated to such projects of solving thehomelessness problem. Secondly, I would seek to ensure that thegovernment caters to the educational needs of every child regardlessof his or her social background. Through this, homeless children willeventually attend school, a move that would enable them to getopportunities for prosperity in life. Education would form a veryintegral part of ending the current barriers that the populationfaces. Through education, the homeless children will get food andshelter. Such a move would eventually get rid of a majority ofhomeless persons in the street. Besides, I would propagate for theestablishment of work opportunities primarily for the street persons,in a move to ensure that they can feed themselves together with theirfamilies. I would additionally push for the integration of amendmentsto pass bills providing not only home but also medical care for thehomeless persons in the street. In so doing, the population wouldeventually realize a major improvement in its social welfare.

Improvinga health outcome and empowering the agency to take on a project orprogram

Themost outstanding way of improving the agency`s operations is toincrease the financial support together with material help.Currently, the agency provides permanent housing together witharranging for the admission of homeless persons into detox programs.The condition shows the magnitude of financial assistance that thecompany requires. Thus, it would be greatly beneficial if the companycould get any form of assistance that would enable them to realizebetter results.


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