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“Assessment and Development of Human Resource Management”


&quotAssessmentand Development of Human Resource Management&quot

&quotAssessmentand Development of Human Resource Management&quot


Question 1: Distinguishbetween involuntary and voluntary turnover, and discuss how each ofthese forms of turnover can beleveraged for competitiveadvantage.

Question 2:&nbspListthe major elements that contribute to perceptions of justice and howto apply these in organizational contexts involving discipline anddismissal.

Question 3:Specify the relationship between job satisfaction and various formsof work withdrawal,and identify the primarysources of job satisfaction in work contexts.

Question 4:Design a survey feedback intervention program, and use this topromote retention of key organizational personnel.


Answer 1:

Turnover isthe change in workers populace within an organization. Thus,voluntary turnover refers to the employee’s personal decision toterminate their association with the group,while involuntary turnover describes the situation where the companydecides to cease their contract with an employee(Workeaferahu, 2014). Voluntaryturnover can beleveraged for the benefit of theorganization by providing a perfect working environment for the staffso that they do not leave. For involuntary turnover, leverage isachievable through ensuring the financial stability of theorganization so that they do not have to drop other workers who arecompetent.

Answer 2:

The three topelements that contribute to the perception of justice by the employeeare communication, justice climate, and employee participation. Foremployee assistance,this arises when an employee is involved in decision-makingfrequently making them think that they deserve equality in theorganization. Moreover, other employees can also push the other todemand justice, thus justice climate. Since all these have adverseeffects on the society,the best option is a dismissal of employees who participate.

Answer 3:

Lateness,turnover, and absenteeism are the three essentialforms of job withdrawal. They are closely related to job satisfactionsince the lack of fulfillmentinthe workplace is the primary catalyst for all these forms of removal.Satisfaction might mean low wages or harsh working conditions whichthe employee cannot comply.In most organizations, the primary sources for job satisfactioninclude reasonable salary and friendly working terms.

Answer 4:

So as toachieve this, the survey feedback method applied was the use ofself-administered questionnaires. The questionsare presented to the employeeswho fill and return to the human resource department. The primaryobjective of this studyis to find out the best staff members so that they areretained during an involuntaryturnover.


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