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“August 2026 There Will Come Soft Rain” by Ray Bradbury

“August2026: There Will Come Soft Rain” by Ray Bradbury

“August2026: There Will Come Soft Rain” by Ray Bradbury

Thewriting style that Bradbury uses is explanatory. He describes theeffects of innovation. Innovation is important in timekeeping. Avoice in the house states that &quotToday is August 4, 2026&quot(Bradbury, 2011).

Thestory-line shows the destruction of human life. Bradbury states that“At night the ruined city gave of a radioactive glow which could beseen for miles” (Bradbury, 2011). The nuclear attack destroyedhuman life in Allendale, California.

Bradburyhas a key intention. This is to communicate that innovation can beharmful if not controlled. Nuclear technology is important in thegeneration of clean and affordable energy. However, it can bedangerous if used to make nuclear weapons that can wipe entire humanpopulations for example, Allendale (Bradbury, 2011).

Importantquestion about the sustainability of technology is addressed in theliterature. Innovation cannot prevent the destruction of the naturalenvironment. “The crash. The attic smashing into the kitchen andparlor” shows how the house was destroyed despite having technologythat can manage fire emergencies (Bradbury, 2011).

Interestingmoments are indicated in the narrative. Despite the house not havingpeople, the innovation voice states &quotToday is Mr. Featherstone`sbirthday” (Bradbury, 2011).

Confusingmoments are also shown in the literature. The energy source of thehouse technology is not indicated. All technological devices requireelectricity. The nuclear attack destroyed all energy infrastructuresin Allendale.

Bradburyindicates the death of human beings and animals in the story. The dog“spun in a frenzy, and died” (Bradbury, 2011). It died as aresult of hunger and the heat in the house. The residents ofAllendale were killed by the nuclear explosion.

Asimile is used in the story effectively. “And the voices wailedFire, fire, run, run, like a tragic nursery rhyme” compares theautomated voice in the house with the cries of children during anemergency or tragic situation (Bradbury, 2011).

Innovationis the main theme of the story. The house has technology systems thatautomate various house chores for example, cleaning and cooking.Bradbury shows the automatic preparation of food. “At eight-thirtythe eggs were shriveled and the toast was like stone” by theautomated cooking system (Bradbury, 2011).

Thestory is based on science-fiction. It is fictional because itdescribes technological events of 2026. &quotToday is August 5,2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is…&quot indicates a futuredate (Bradbury, 2011).


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