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WhyAmericans are Being Overworked

The American dream has each andevery citizen access equal opportunities hence assisting them toachieve success and prosperity through the process of hard work,initiative and determination. This issue is supported by theunlimited chances of employment from all economic sectors in thecountry. Through this idea, it is seen how people from around theworld strive to move to the United States of America legally ascitizens. They dream of having the taste of the American dreamthrough becoming citizens of the United States of America. However,working in the United States cannot be regarded as a walk in thepark. The country is considered as the most overworked nation in theworld today (Valente et al. pg 1204). Americans are seen to workabout one hundred and thirty-five hours more than any other nation(Cotti410). The yearly development and the improved performance of UnitedStates economy is dependent on how much pressure is put on theworking force of the country (Deanschabner pg 1).It is evident that Americans are being overworked from the long hoursspend in offices, reduced time on vacation and late retirement.

LongWorking Hours

Workers in theUnited States havevery long hours spend on their jobs. Studies show that most of theworkers holding premium jobs carry on their tasks for about fifty ormore hours per week. Consideration has to be on some of these workerssince they have part time jobs or personal business that they run soas to maximize the rate of output they generate. Work is also donethroughout the week with involvement of weekends. A good amount oftime is also taken working during weekends. Research carried out bythe bureau of statistics showed that employees worked an average of7.6 hours during weekdays (Hattam,pg 50). On weekends, they worked an average of 5.6 hours. Maleemployees work an hour longer than female workers. This gives femaleworks the ability to work on part time jobs. Workers spend 38percent of their time in the work places dealing with management,business, and financial operations while 35 percent on professionaland related occupations. Workers need to adjust their schedule andfix any other activities that are not work related to the remaining 4hours. Within the 4 hours employees have the difficult task ofmanaging time for coming to work, grabbing a meal and going back totheir places of residence. Through such behavior you can see how muchindividuals are focused on work to an extent that it affects theirdaily lives (Kalleberg,et al.pg 896)

LessVacation Time

Workers in the United States ofAmerica are considered to have less time to allocate for vacation.Compared to other countries likeof Brazil, French,and Australia, American workers do not enjoy their vacation (Cottiet al.pg 410). Inmost working organizations, Americans only enjoy one week holiday forChristmas festivals. In case one needs to take some leave thepolicies of the country offer only a two-week leave. This is nothingcompared to Brazilians who have twenty-two days off paid leaveincluding thirty-three percent salary vacation bonus. The French havefive to nine weeks off depending on whether one is a public employeeor a private one. Australians, on the other hand, enjoy four weeksoff with an additional day off on public holidays that they can spendon vacation. Looking at a country like Australia, the numbers interms of economic performance is very high. It begs the question whythe United State of America puts a lot of pressure on the workforce.Among the top performing countries in the world, United States is theonly country that does not pay annual leaves or even paid holidays(Rayet al. pg 100).Most of American workers do not even take leaves with the fear oflosing their jobs out of the increased levels of competition. Throughthis factor, wecan get the reasonas to why Americans are being overworked since the government has putharsh conditions in place to help keep the workforce occupied.


Retirement is among the crisisgoing on today in America. The country keeps a large number of itsworkers in the job market with claims of having experiencedindividuals handle tasks. This notion does not concentrate on theproductivity of these individuals. It is clear as individuals growold they are less productive. Hours spent on work in United Statesjust makes the whole issue more serious. These older people make lessat their retiring years and therefore leaving them suffering. Evenwith all that hard work it is evident that most of the retirementbenefit programs such as the 401k have proven to be failure in oneway or the other. The solution involves having these individualsreplaced by energetic young people that manage the pressure. Theyounger people will be able to withstand the many hours of work andtherefore improve quality in the production of different goods andservices. Through late retirement it is evident how late retirementacts as a tool used to overwork laborers in the United States ofAmerica.

Consequences of OverworkingAmerican Workers

The countries government as wellas the organization`s points of turn a blind eye to the issue ofoverworking employees of United States of America. However they areoften faced with harsh consequences. This is effect is with regard tothe organization and the workers themselves. Employers of theorganization often believe that putting too much pressure onemployees will result to good production of results. It is howevernot true for it brings about serious consequences. Among theconsequences faced by organizations that overwork their employeesinvolve.

Poor Qualityof Work

With the Americans rate of 8working hours, there is a big probability of these individualsmeeting poor quality results. The reason is that the amount of timethat they can concentrate within this eight hours is consideredminimal. It seems as though the country is keen on ensuring quantityother than quality in the processes of tasks attaining results. Thehuman brain is made in a way that it can accommodate almosteverything you do in a day but will need very high levels ofconcentration. These long hours will lead to fatigue and thereforemaking one make a lot mistakes. It may seem like minor errors withoutconsidering that these issues affect all individuals working in theorganization. In the long run, the overall performance of theorganization will decline coming from poor quality of goods andservices provided by workers. The problem, however, comes from thefact that these individuals are exposed to very long hours of workwhich prevents them from bringing the best that can come out of themat a single point.

WorkersWill Be Resentful and Therefore Influence Teamwork

Most workplaces in the UnitedStates of America are victims of this problem. Places of work havechanged from being an environment that encourages development andturned to places that involves personal competition. Workers whocannot brave the long hours of work and the set deadlines are oftenaffected in that they become resentful. They normally feel they aredoing most of the work as their fellow workers are riding along. These workers find a way to express this feeling, and that is throughstarting conflicts or complaining to their managers. This processinterferes with organizations team work which is a major factor toconsider in attaining companies goals. Some organization in thecountry have no pressure when it comes to handling tasks for theyprovide enough time off work. These organizations are constantly meetwith success since they avoid issues such as having their employeesresentful. The United States as a country has employees at thisposition since workers are often so in their places of work. TheUnited States of America has about two million employees of differentsocial class quitting their jobs every month (AlanHall pg 2)

The idea also affectsindividuals from a personal level. These individuals are most likelyto have difficulties dealing with pressure which may lead toaffecting the ways other workers operate. The cost of living willmake parents want to provide for their kids, pay mortgages, get thebest medical care they can and save some cash for their children.That, therefore, forces them to stick to the job market regardless ofhow they feel about it. Through these pressure from employees,oneself and family we can have problems such as:


Workers are often very stressedto the extent that their health gets affected. Sadly they are focusedin meeting their goals that they do not go for medical checkups.Statistics show that only eight percent of workers in the UnitedStates of America visit the doctor to have health conditions thatmight be brought about by work be checked on (Kalleberg,et al.pg 896)

Destroys GoodFamily Relations

Some organizations are soinvolving to an extent that workers lack time to spend with theirfamilies. This results from long hours of working that makes parentsvery tired. Children in these families grow with poor morals sincetheir parents spend less time with them. The few hours they arearound are not productive since parents are very fatigued from beingoverworked. That prevents them from playing an important part ofparenting since they are consumed with work, an effect that comes outof being overworked.

How theGovernment Can Fix the Overworking Employee Problem

With regard to economic growthand development, The process of overworking employees will help inimprovement of economic and development states of united states ofAmerica.(Sullivanpg 15). However, there are ways through which the country can improveits economy and at the same time have its employees working at normalrates. The idea comes with the thought of what the government can doto change this processes and improve the living conditions ofindividuals. Dealing with this problems will need the government toconsider employees working condition involving less but productivehours. Organizations can deal with this problem through formingpartnership or collaborative working so as to deal with the excesspressure coming from excessive work (Kruppeet al. pg 80).These organizations also need to come up with a health program thatprovides care to company’s officials and therefore help them dealwith health related issues that may come from overworking. The bestsolution, however, goes to leaves and vacations from organizations inthe United States of America. The government should do away with theold outdated laws that ensures no salaries for anyone on leave or anyperson that is gone to vacation. Employees need to feel comfortablein order to bring out the best that can come from them. That canonly be done through getting rid of the existing fright on takingleaves and involvement of some incentive when on vacation.

In conclusion, it is evidentlyseen that American based workers are being over worked a whole lot.The process if through what the government and employmentorganization are subjecting workers to. The idea of making the olderadults in the society to retire at a late age, allocation of lesstime for vacation and more hours dedicated to working are proof onhow workers in the country are overworked. It is the obligation ofthe government to know that the citizens of the country are goingthrough some difficulties and therefore help them by changing thesesystem of working. Citizens of United States of America should alsovoice their views on the conditions faced in work places so that themotion can be put to debate. Election times will prove a good avenueto presenting these problems and therefore coming up with the bestsolution that can be found. The overall effect is affectingorganizational performance as well as an individual performance atlarge. I believe the company will benefit more than how it benefitsfrom having employees work in that manner. The various measure ofchange will help in the process of making the United States ofAmerica great again. 

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