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Autism Spectrum Disorder


AutismSpectrum Disorder

AutismSpectrum Disorder

Inthe video, Samantha doesn’t talk or rather explain what neuraltypical and autism disorder is. I had to do my own digging for me tobe able to get to understand and know what it means. So Autism is anenduring, progressive that tends to affect the way a person relatesand communicates to other people, and also how they experience andperceive the world around them, Autism appears in the first threeyear of a person’s life.

“Spectrumdisorder defines autism by a definite group of behaviors thatdistresses individuals differently and to fluctuating degrees. It isalso important to note that Autism is also treatable. Studies provethat when early diagnosis is and intercession result to significantlydeveloped outcomes. In this case it important to know that whenchildren grow, they are not able to outgrow autism”. Some of thesigns that one should always look for in children include lack orslow in spoken language, no or very minimal eye contact, lack ofinterest in noble relationship, persistent preservation on parts ofobjects(About Autism And ABA, 2016).

Itis clear that there are so many cases of Autism but it seems somepeople just choose to assume their conditions may improve with time.It is clearly very wrong because, from what we have been able tolearn it’s not possible for the condition to change as the kidsgrow up. A good example is where parents don’t really guess or tryto imagine if their kids could be having this condition. This happenseven besides being aware of some of the symptoms that are related tothe condition in the early stages of the kid’s life (first threeyears).

Inconclusion, parents should be always keen in observing their kidsbehavior in their early stages of life. This can make a bigdifference as they can help them adjust and know how to deal with thesituation. And it can help parents to prepare for any situation inorder to make the lives of their kids more easy and people aroundthem to easily understand their situation in the society.


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