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Myname is Goldie Single. I am 23 years old. I was born in my nativetown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Though I do not remember much of mychildhood days, my parents say that I used to be curious, active andcommunicative. That is because I was so inquisitive, asking severalquestions hence the reason as to why I was given educational moviesand story books as early as my fourth birthday to help me nature mycreativity and ability to tackle various challenges I am likely toface in life. I am fluent in French and Haitian Creole languages.


Luckily,my inquisitive nature and desire to learn new things intensified whenI was enrolled in my lower primary school. The trend continued evento my secondary school level. Because of my effective communicationskills and ability to interact and resonate well with people. Ideveloped a strong passion towards business and sciences courses. Asa result, I decided to pursue a diploma in marketing back in my homecountry. To advance my education, I moved to the United States ofAmerica in March this year so that I can learn the English languageas well as a degree in physiotherapy. Currently, I am a student atKeiser University. It is a private non-profit institution of higherlearning based in Florida, United States of America. I am glad that Igot the opportunity to join this prestigious university so that I canlearn, expand my knowledge in my career path and use the same skillsto improve my life and that of others.


AfterI graduate from Keiser University with a bachelor’s degree inphysical therapy, I am planning to get back to my country so that Ican be the spearhead changes aimed at improving the lives of peoplewithin my society and contribute positively towards economicdevelopment of my homeland. I believe that my degree will empower meso that I can have the knowledge skills and experience so that I candiagnose and treat all people with medical problems or otherhealth-related complications that either limits their movements orability to carry out their day to day activities (Gupte&amp Swaminathan, 2016).To achieve that, I intend to venture into different settings orworking environments such as nursing homes, home health agencies,private practices, outpatient clinics, learning institutions,industries, medical facilities as well as sports and fitnessfacilities.

Withmy knowledge, I will be able to take note of patient history, conductsystem reviews and perform various tests and experiments to identifyboth existing and potential problems that might be detrimental to thehealth of patients. After that, I will be in a better position tomanage movement dysfunction of the patients and enhance functionaland physical abilities. On top of that, my primary goal is tomaintain and promote optimal wellness and fitness and better qualityof life as far as the health and movement of patients is concerned(Gupte&amp Swaminathan, 2016).More importantly, I will initiate various training programs aimed atenlightening the patients and the general public on different waysthat they can use to detect the onset, symptoms as well as theadvancement of body impairments, functional limitations ordisabilities or that may result from injuries, physical conditions,diseases or disorders. Doing so will significantly improve theirhealth (Gupte&amp Swaminathan, 2016).Also, I am planning to use the marketing skills which I acquired inmy diploma course before pursuing my degree in physiotherapy toinspire young entrepreneurs the importance of venturing theirbusiness operations into new and untapped markets to avoidcompetition from already established industries. That will createmore employment opportunities subsequently improving their livingstandards.

Myups and downs

Understandably,life is not a smooth ride. It has its fair share of challenges andproblems. Hardships are part of our lives, and we have to deal withthem on a daily basis. My academic journey has also not been easy aswell. Since my parents could not cover for my college expenses infull, repaying my student loan has been one of the significantchallenges I have ever encountered. To address the issue, I havedrafted a schedule so that I can adequately balance my social life,work life as well as the time meant for study which is the primarypurpose as to why I am in school. By doing that, I have been able togenerate some income to settle my bills and repay my loan hencerelieving my parents the burden of raising my student fee and otherunforeseen expenses. Similarly, the time management skills have mademe realize the importance of setting priorities and executing themwithin a particular time frame (Gupte&amp Swaminathan, 2016). Thathas been essential in preventing me from developing a habit ofprocrastination. Also, it has helped me maintain my focus and worktowards achieving my academic goals.


Basedon my life experiences and challenges, I have come to understand thatsuccess is a lifetime process that requires determination anddedication. In this case, it is essential for an individual to befocused and do what it takes to achieve their set goals andobjectives. Sacrifice is an important aspect for anybody who wants torealize their aspirations and dreams. It is also worth noting thatdetermination enhances an individual’s time management skills suchthat he or she can balance various obligations. For instance, astudent might be studying and at the same time working on a part-timebasis to raise cash that will be used to offset bills such as rent.Therefore, time management is a crucial aspect that should be takeninto consideration for one to pursue their goals in lifesuccessfully. On the same note, I have learned that determination iswhat drives motivation such that an individual can rise again andcontinue working hard to realize their objectives. Therefore withoutinternal inspiration and ability to face challenges, achievingsuccess is nearly impossible.

Lastly,I have also realized that we need each other’s support to improveour lives and make the world a better place to stay. Alienation doesnot achieve success or separating one’s self from other peoplewithin the society. It is all about seeking advice and support fromother people whenever necessary. They are the ones to realize thevarious weaknesses an individual might be having and help where theycan. For instance, my success and the far I have come in pursuing mycareer can be attributed to my parents. They have always supported mefinancially, morally and emotionally. They have never hesitated tocorrect me whenever they feel I am wrong or even advise me the bestway to follow in executing a task or solving a problem.


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