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Barriers to Effective Communication

Barriersto Effective Communication


Describea situation from your present or former workplace where youexperienced one of the barriers to effective communication. Identifythe barrier and describe how you handled the situation. What mightyou do differently in the future?

Communicationis simply the transfer of information from a sender to a receiver. Barriers to communication are factors that prevent the delivery ofmeaning as intended by the originator. The receiver might receivepartial or no meaning at all. Communication barriers exist betweenall people and include noise, mental attitude, poor listening skillsand body language among others. Communication barriers need to beovercome if the receiver to understand the message as the senderintended (Kinicki,2013).

Inthe military, I have been faced with many communication barriers.During my early period at the army, I had formed a mental attitudethat all the instructors were against me and this clouded my mind. Irecall hearing all the messages from the instructors as harsh andnever actually listening carefully to understand what was being said.My negative mental attitude towards my instructor became a barrier tocommunication. After approaching one of the trainers and having a oneon one conversation, I realized my mistake and took on an activeattitude from that moment onwards. I have learned from my experienceand in future will perform better in overcoming the communicationbarrier, since mental attitude is something one formulates in theirmind and can always be changed. In future when faced with the samecommunication barrier I will ensure beforehand I have cleared my mindof all negative thoughts towards the speaker or sender of themessage. I will also dissolve the negative mental attitude byreminding myself the importance of listening to the message clearlyregardless of the person conveying the message.

Finally,in future I also abstain from stereotyping and forming prejudice asthey lead to the formation of a mental attitude, thus hinderingeffective communication.


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