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Barriers to Learning

Barriersto Learning

Barriersto Learning

TheScript between an Instructor and Adult Learner

Good morning, and how are you?

AdultLearner: Good morning sir. I am fine

how has been your lessons and classes?

Adultlearner: I am faring well sir, just some …..(Silent)

Be free and talk to me

Adultlearner: I have some few challenges that are likely to affect myperformance and getting ways to handle them can be one of my firstline of success.

let us go and sit down in my office (Walkingto the office and sitting down).Now you can go ahead.

Adultlearner: one of the challenges I experience is multi-tasking my adultlife (handling my family issues) and perusing my course. The two arequite hard to handle at the same time given that I am the provider ofmy family. Another problem is blending with young learners. Ourschool of thought is entirely different hence we cannot take a lot oftime discussing class matters.

mmm! (Nodding the head). Go ahead I feel you are not yet done.

Adultlearner: another issue is combining work and school life. In someinstances, I am required to fulfill both duties at the same time.

okay! Understood. I will call you for another discussion to look forways in which these challenges can be solved.

Adultlearner: thank you

you are welcomed.


Accordingto Kolb (2014), adult learners are not expected to succeed justbecause they have several duties that should be handle alongsidetheir school life. One of the primary challenges that I haveexperienced is combining the family issues and classwork. Adultlearners particularly women have several duties such as attending totheir young ones and making their homes. These activities restrictthe time that should be allocated to classwork.


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