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Basic Ericksonian Hypnosis


BasicEricksonian Hypnosis

BasicEricksonian Hypnosis

Thehypotheticalclient is a depressed patient due to many reason and situations thattendto affect that particular person day to day operation. The casestudiesbelow outlines details and relevance symptoms of apossibleclient.

Maryhas come to visit hypnotist counselingclinic where I do work as hypnotist internto get some vital data and advice. She is a youth aged 23 living withhis long lasting boyfriend John in Cape Town lower side of the cityfor almost 5years now. Both of them have been heroin and beer addictsfor so long. At the age of 12 after her standard 8,herdad a heavy drinkerleft the family, Mary`smother and her fellow siblings to anotherstatebecause of his job. The father was a heavy truck driver and afterleaving never came back. Two years later Mary started drinking andtaking heroin slowlydue to his father’s absence. The addiction led her drop out of highschool where she was almost in form three. She had to move out fromhome due to pressure from her siblings, mother,and other closest relatives. Afterthat,Mary decided to move on with John. John introduced her to heroin.Mary talked to us openly and admitted using about a quartergram of heroin daily so as she can feel and make her functioncomfortable without any outside interference. John had no work andtherefore fortheir day to day survival and capable ofpaying and affordingthe basic needs she had to engage innight street job. Also,for her perfection in night work,Maryhad to drink more than four bottles of beer daily before reporting toher night job. Furthermore,if shecannot achieve to get adequate heroine she will decide to seek somevalium for her to get to her normal situation. She admitted to havingalso used cocaine sometimeback,but due to it being expensive and less available in the market shehad to quit.

Maryin details expressed how alcohol and heroin taking helped her calmdown her nerves making her undertake his night work peacefully.Despite Mary engaging in night job the two couples rarely had sex,and when they had to have sex they did not use protection.Surprisingly Mary noticed that thepast two monthsshe had not attended her normal period. Recently Mary came to detectagain that her cute breast hasbecome swollen and tendered. She claimed that if she is pregnant,then it’s John’s baby. However,Mary pregnancy has made her more confused whether to stop using drugsor work hard in other safe means to give birth to her child sinceJohn wants her to keep it. She being ina dilemmafrom her night friend’s advice not to stop using dope if she ispregnant, Mary heartedly decides to come to our firm for theinformationand alternative step she can use.

Asa hypnotist assistant trainee,the feedback to be given to Mary should be ofa large positive impactonher life. First, I will have to focus on knowing and analyzingsources of his depression. Most people who are depressed to theextent of making their life complicated is as a result of job,relationship, family or even changes in life, (Gibson,2013).Therefore to come up with a successful way help to Mary,I will have to significantlylearn to integrate what have listened and learnedfrom my client and ensure that my advice would be anefficient,satisfactory and not only appropriate alternative.I have to understand vital factors before making a final decision.For instance level of condition, how the recent condition isaffecting the patient, stress the client is undergoing at themoment, the positive side of the person concerning the situation andsteps she had wished to decide by herself (Jones, 2014).

Inconclusion,any hypnotist should be on a noteto discover how the client speaks and understand the patient.Customers’feedback and openness during the discussion session will helpsince it will reveal the perception to the party.


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