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Beauty of Salsa dance

Beautyof Salsa dance


Beautyof Salsa dance

It`samazing what people can do by rhythmically moving their hands andlegs. These activities describe the element of dancing that can beenjoyed by the simple movement of body parts. People can be dancerseither because of passion or a talent. Dance requires a lot ofself-sacrifice and practice. With passion one can learn thedevelopments in dancing and adopt the while with talent one caninvent new moves in dancing trend. Due to my love for dance, Idecided to join the salsa class to learn the mysteries behind themagical movements. Salsa dance is a dance that follows certainprinciples in making precise changes. Its origin is still not clearlyidentified, but some believe emanated from a Latin culture and wasbrought to popularity around 1970 with the influence of LatinAmericans in new york city. In the class, I met instructors who wereready to receive and nature the new talent .after involving myself inthe salsa dance class I learned how to appreciate the God-giventalents and what amazing human body can do salsa taught me onself-reflection

Aftersalsa had gained popularity, it was adopted in many parts of theworld. When salsa started to move into the Manhatten based clubs inthe late 80‚s, many ex-Hustle dancers brought their disco movesinto their salsa. Before joining the class, I had to learn some basicabout the dance. I found out that in salsa the steps are consideredas the core and the steps for the dance are the same all over theworld. The moves are invented locally and reflect on cultural realityWhile some of the moves are graceful and complex, others are justplain funny, such as ‘fly’ where the guys slap their palmstogether over the girls’ heads in a pretend fly-catcher move. After all, what is dancing all about having fun? Vocals are based oncall and response chant. The instrument that provides the fundamentalgroove of salsa is referred to as a clave often played with twowooden sticks.

Inthe salsa class, I managed to learn some basic dance moves. Salsa isa dance that demonstrates a non-verbal discourse. The dance isrumored to be of Latin culture and is expressed physically in itsmovements where individuals seek to communicate with the otherpartner without the use of words. Through actions, movements andfacial expressions the audience observes and interpolate eachgesture. I learned basics about salsa. Firstly, Salsa requirespartnership in that every participant has to have a partner whiledancing as they move facing each other. The partner place hands oneach one shoulder in the same side. Dancers should have a goodposture to enable proper dancing. One should be able to move the hipsproperly since it’s the main trick in performing salsa. The mostimportant are choosing the most suitable salsa music.

Salsais one of the most dynamic and important musical phenomena of the1900’s. It represents a mix of Latin music genres. It’s the mostcommon dance style in modern days. Salsa dance is mainly a silencedance in which the partners communicate without uttering any words.The dance makes one very conservative and can interpolate the movesmade by the partner and respond appropriately. In salsa dance, onehas to be very keen and fast in grasping the thing. Dancing salsa onehas to have the power of the hip has it’s the main pivot point forthe dance. This keeps one physically fit. Partners communicatewithout using any words, thus creating a connection between them. Theessence of such activities entails creating an understanding of theirpartners better. This skill can be used in understanding other peoplein our environment.