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Benefits of Organic Farming

Benefitsof Organic Farming

Benefitsof Organic Farming

Overthe past decades, most agricultural activities have been heavilyoriented on machines and intensive farming practices to feed thesoaring global anthropogenic population. Nonetheless, the world isstill faced with serious food scarcity. The farming practices havesevere negative impact on the environment which results in loss ofbiodiversity. Today, individuals have a duty to meet the growing fooddemand in a socially equitable and ecologically sustainable forprosperity and posterity of humanity. One of the ways to achieve thisis through organic farming which enhances soil fertility byincreasing the efficient use of local resources while forgoing theuse of agrochemicals and genetically modified organisms. This taskseeks to discuss the benefits of organic farming on biodiversitybased on Hole et al. (2005) schematic graph.


Fromthe graph, five of the sampled various organisms and plants showedthe positive effects of organic farming. They include bird (Seven),mammals (two), Beetles, (13), Earthworm (7), Spiders (7), plants(13), and soil microbes (9). On the other hand, three of the sampledanimals showed some adverse effect on the organic farming as well.However, only butterflies showed no effect.


Fromthe graphs, plants and beetles showed the strongest positive impacton the use of organic farming on their survival. This is supported bytheir graphical value standing at 13 above all the other sampledorganisms.


Themain ecological services provided by the group mentioned above isregulatory services. This is owed to the fact that they have todecomposes and detoxifies the organic wastes provided, breaking theminto user-friendly compounds.


Concerningedaphic factors as an environmental aspect, organic farmingencourages the soil fauna and flora by improving soil formation andcreation of a more stable system. The nutrient’s biogeochemicalcycle is increased and the ground’s water retention capacitysignificantly enhanced.


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