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Best Practices Policy


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The business chosen for thisassignment is a manufacturing company that produces drugs. DrugProduction Company is a sensitive entity, and a lot of care should betaken when operating such a business. In every workplace, there mustbe comprehensive best practices policy that guides how things shouldbe done to avoid any inconveniences. The policy is very beneficial tothe company as it helps in creating a good working environment thatis free from both health and safety risk. It is a source ofinformation to workers in providing a physical working environmentthat is conducive.


According to (Sandle, 2014), justlike any other business, sanitation is very crucial especially in acompany the produces drugs. Sanitation observed from all the premisesin the company which include equipment, employees, apparatus,production materials, containers used for carrying drugs, antisepticand cleaning production and any other item in the company that isused in the process of drug manufacturing. Any dirt in such companymay risk contamination of drugs which can be very dangerous to thehealth of consumers.

World Health Organizations gives acomprehensive program that details international standards of hygieneand sanitation that every company involved in drug production shouldobserve (UNICEF, 1998). Every employee, while on their workplace, issupposed to dress in hygienic clothes such as gloves, head caps,masks, and glasses. It is highly advisable that the employees shouldnot get into direct contact with chemicals for health and safetyissues. Any other equipment or material that is used in theproduction process should be kept clean.

Before employees enter into theworkplace, they should wash their hands with antiseptic. This isessential in removing all the dirt and avoiding contamination withthe production process. They should also put on their head caps,gloves, and foot cover before they enter any storage or laboratorythat deal with the production of drugs (AST, 2008). Every company inthe industry of manufacturing drugs should ensure that theiremployees undergo an intensive training on how to maintain hygieneand sanitation standards.

Eatingand drinking policy

Eating and drinking are prohibited inany laboratory, manufacturing places or warehouse. This is done toavoid any contaminating either the products or the raw materials usedin the production process (WHO, n.d.). While in the premises of theirwork, employees are only allowed to eat or drink in the dining roomsand observe sanitation standard before they get back to theirworkplaces.


When there is a smooth process of conflict resolution in a company,the communication between the employees becomes easier and also thechannel through which they communicate their grievances andcomplaints to their seniors becomes convenient (Pfeiffer, 2006). Anyconflict within the company is encouraged to be resolved by thepeople inside without involving external or third party.

If there is a conflict that has notbeen resolved between the employees, they should be taken to thesenior management and make sure that they have been well acted on.Proper process is followed in solving unresolved conflicts (HR Hero,n.d.). Senior management should be given the three working days,which is the maximum period to resolve the conflict. During thistime, employees should uphold integrity and professionalism indealing with the issues being addressed.

The company should design intranetwith a discussion board whereby the employees can discuss issues andtheir welfare and interact with the managers. The forum will allowthe employee to air out their voices and also get answers andguidance from their fellows or seniors. The forum should, however, becontrolled and stand action be taken to whoever uses it to incite orpost information that can destroy or create an unfavorable atmosphereat the workplace.


Information is power. All workers ina company are supposed to attend without fail to any seminars,meetings, presentations, discussions and conferences if they arerequired to do so. In every department in the company, there will bea compulsory meeting on a weekly basis in which all the members ofthat particular department are supposed to attend. Since humanresource looks at the entire organization, there will be a setup ofemployee relations which strictly look at the welfare of theemployees.

In every department, there will be ateam of employee relations which will look at the internal issuesaffecting that department. Employee leave or any matter will behandled by this team. If an employee is unable to attend thedepartmental meeting, they are supposed to communicate before themeeting day so that the Team Manager is aware of that and help tokeep a record.


The main reason why every companyshould have an online team is to make sure that any queries areaddressed to any time of the day or night. The team will beresponsible for answering all the calls without considering any timezone. They will provide the information about the operations of thecompany and also direct the clients on the nearest branch.


The policy of the company expects thesecurity personnel to keep integrity at a high level. Proper securitymeasures should be ensured to protect the company`s intellectualproperties, raw material, and the drugs. Some of the measures to beimplemented include on handling the information, each employee willbe given the single task to handle so as to maintain the integrity,privacy, and protection of the information. The whole company will beinstalled with CCTV to monitor and maintain security. Company’sconfidential information and other valuables will be locked in safelock systems and only designated individual will have the access(Out-law.com, 2008). All the doors leading to sensitive areas will beaccessible only by a swiping card only. Without the card, you willnot be able to access the premises. Heavy computer security will beinstalled, and only the user will have the password. There will be24/7 monitor of all computer activities by the System Administrator.Keys to other doors will be handled by one person who will beresponsible for their security. In all the entry and exit points,there will be installed metal detectors. There will be a backupsystem to make sure all the important information does not in any wayget lost due to cybercrimes.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

A company is likely to suffer greatdamage in case an emergency, such as terror attacks, calamities oraccidents (Tanimura &amp Yoshikawa, 2014). No one knows when such asituation will arise and therefore it is advisable for every companyto be ready in case it comes. Well-labeled exit doors should beconstructed and easily accessible in case of emergency.

The company should make sure that thenecessities for an emergency are ready and in place. These includealarm, first aid boxes, smoke sensors, fire extinguishers, etc. Thecompany should ensure that all the employees are well trained onevacuation procedures and how to handle such situations. Tofacilitate faster handling of the emergency, the company should tieup with a respective emergency response like ambulance services,hospital, police station, and fire station.

Benefitsof the policies

If the set policies are followed tothe letter, the company will eventually have fruitful operations.Benefits of policies include: Solving problems that affect both theemployees and the entire company (Employment.govt.nz, 2012). Policiesinstill ethics and manners to the employees, both at work and out ofwork. Policies protect the employees from being abused by thecompany. It gives a detailed code of conduct and how the employeesshould carry themselves. If the company does not have the policies,the operation of the business will be confusing, and there will be alot of issues that will delay the process of manufacturing. If thecompany policy is not adhered to, the following is likely to happenthere will be a rampant violation of rules by the employees andunethical issues in the company. The company will perform badly inthe production process. There will be a lot of internal conflictsamong the employees themselves and also with the management. Thebrand name of the company may be tarnished and lose the loyalcustomers.

Long termsuitability of contribution to best practice policy

Many companies have for a long timebeen faced with the problem of high employee turnover. To reduce thischallenge, the company should provide relevant training to itsemployees to ensure that they understand what they are expected to doin their workplace. No company will be successful without a mission,vision, objectives, and core values as these sets the background fromwhich the company operates from. Policies will help in building astrong master plan for the company to grow and run smoothly.Stakeholder`s experience in business will be enhanced by bestpolicies which boost them to support and continue their investment inthe business. When all these are done, the company will eventuallyfetch the biggest part of the market which is a long-term suitabilitybenefit.


To achieve competitive advantage inthe market, the company must implement all its policies and apply thebest practices in their operations (Rutherford, 2012). Competitiveadvantage has the following benefits High standards of hygiene andsanitation are maintained. Employee`s behavior is enhanced since theyhave to set a good picture for their companies, the quality of theproducts will be maintained so as to keep the customers, and trainingof the employees will increase efficiency hence productivity.


Drug manufacturing is a very delicateand sensitive industry because the slightest mistake can have a hugeeffect on public health. The manufacturing companies are thereforeexpected to maintain very high standards of sanitation and strictpolicies so as to prevent any occurrence of misfortune. A companythat implements the best practices and policies would do much betterthan the one that doesn`t. Best practices in the drug ProductionCompany will help in achieving the best quality of the product whichis most important for human life.


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