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Blackboard Discussion




DiscussionQuestion 35

Chosengroup: Elementary school of divorce and changing families

Itis normal to have many children in elementary schools coming fromdivorced families (Corey, Corey, &amp Corey, 2013, pp. 340). Thesechildren suffer from serious social and psychological problems whichcan be addressed through group counselling. However, dealing withthis group presents a myriad of legal challenges. Hence, a counsellorshould carefully consider such aspects when working with this groupof children. One of the legal considerations is non-custodial parentrights. Although counsellors are only required to share criticalinformation concerning the children with the parents, parents mightsometimes be legally entitled to more than just critical information.Bearing in mind the student’s rights to confidentiality, acounsellor must consider how to balance between these two conflictingends. Besides, child custody disputes are also important legalconsiderations since a councilor might be asked to testify on thebehalf of a parent.

DiscussionQuestion 36

Aproposal for group formation. After reading chapter 10 of the book,there are few changes that I will consider making to my proposal.First, I would narrow the proposal a bit. The proposal is too generalbut different groups of students have unique psychological andemotional problems. Therefore, narrowing down on the proposal byidentifying a specific group of students that will be targeted allowsfor a more customized group formation process which will betteraddress the student’s needs. Also, I would clearly define theproblems faced by the target group of students and examine theireffects. Providing an overview of the problem will give morecredibility to the proposal by fostering an appreciation of thesignificance of the proposed group. Finally, I will limit group sizeto between 3-5 students. Corey, Corey, &amp Corey (2013, pp. 338)states that it is easier to work with such a group.

DiscussionQuestion 37

Thereview pf group proposals found between pages 335-365 has been alearning curve for me. First, I have been able to learn about thevarious problems that faces students. The various proposals addressedissues of parental divorce, teen delinquency, child abuse and angermanagement across a variety of school settings. By reviewing theseproposals, I learnt that these are serious issues that cause studentsserious emotional and psychological torture and should therefore bedealt with effectively. The second thing that I learnt is that groupscan be an effective tool for alleviating children’s psychologicaland emotional problems through the creation of safe and therapeuticenvironments where they can freely share their predicaments and beencouraged and supported to overcome them. Finally, I acquiredvaluable insights on how to prepare and conduct a successful groupcounselling exercise, and the various ethical and legalconsiderations involved.


Corey,M.S., Corey, G., &amp Corey, C. (2013) Groups:Process and practice (9th edition).Briijs-cole: Cengage Learning.