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Book and Film Version Comparison And Then There Were None

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Bookand Film Version Comparison: And Then There Were None

The book And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and itsfilm version have various similarities and differences that make themunique as well. In particular, the two maintain the plot, the settingas well as some character names and that helps the viewers inunderstanding it. However, the film version alters Vera characterswhile painting her as the heroine while Lombard is the hero. In thiscase, the film also removes the mystery that the novel had created.This essay evaluates the film and the book version of And ThenThere Were None to reveal how they maintain the same setting andplot, but, the film makes slight changes to Vera’s character and italso introduces the hero and heroine to make it more interesting.

The film version of And Then There Were None has a number ofsimilarities that the book also has. For instance, they maintain theplot as well as the settings that help one in understanding how theypresent their arguments and themes (Hughes). In particular, the movieand the book still capture the mansion that is in the middle of aforested area. Besides that, some of the characters in both versionskeep their names, and that makes it easy for the audience tocomprehend the plot (Rees). The director of the film also decides tomaintain various themes such as the murder, betrayal, death, mysteryas well as blackmail to make it more enjoyable and appealing too.

However, the movie makes some change in the characters in a bid tocreate a hero and a villain too. In the novel, Vera Claythorne ispainted as a killer that drowns a child that she was supposed to lookafter. In fact, as the plot proceeds, the guilt of drowning the childtortures her mind (Clements, 12). Her lover is the only person thatknows the malicious plan that Vera had committed. Her boyfriend optsto remain silent, but, later, Vera decides to hang herself (Agatha,125). In the film, Vera is accused of killing her sister’s fiancéebut, she maintains how she is innocent. She even tells Lombard thatshe did not commit the crime as well (And Then There Were None,1945). In the end, the movie paints her as the victim and the heroinein the Island.

The conclusion of the novel does not have any explanations thatreveal why the ten guests are murdered. In this case, the novel couldhave captured the motive of mastermind in painting the victims as theones responsible for the deaths. In contrary, the film’s conclusioncaptures how the mastermind illustrates how he planned the killingsto Vera. In fact, he urges Vera to hang herself since everyone willknow she is the murderer because she will be the last person in theIsland (And Then There Were None, 1945). The mastermind also poisonshimself but, before he dies, Lombard appears, and he greets him.Earlier, the mastermind thought that he had shot Lombard too. In theend, Vera and Lombard are the two survivors, and they held hands asthey seek peace and love together. Hence, the ending of the movieeven erases the mystery that the novel had adopted. Instead, itintroduces the hero and the heroine to make it more interesting too.

In conclusion, the film and novel version of And Then There WereNone have some slight differences and similarities too. Forinstance, they both have the same setting and the plot too while somecharacters maintain their names in the movie. Apart from that, Verais not a killer, and she does not hang herself. Instead, she fightsfor her innocence, and in the end, she is painted as the heroine.

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