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Book Review




Afresh biblical and transformational approach by the seasonedcounselor Ron Hawkins and Professors Tim Clinton provides readerswith a clear and comprehensive guide on the concept of Christianempowerment. The two writers clarify the general duties thatChristians should undertake. According to Ron Hawkins and TimClinton, true Christians should be able to repossess their soulsthrough the power of the Holy Spirit. Further, through supportivecommunity accountability and the authority of the word of God, a trueChristian cantake charge of their souls so that they might be like Jesus.

Inthe book,the writers discussthe currentlimitations of realpeace and the various opportunities available for the public to freethem from pain. According to the scholars, the establishment of aclear foundation of hope isbasedon God’s love and understanding. Through the creation of aspiritual connection with children, the writers believe thatChristians canget empowerment in their walk of faith. Individuals candevelop a feeling of self-belong,have a clearperception and make a practicaldecision on their accord. The book also provides an efficientintervention for the development of a comprehensive plan needed inthe integration of faith and practice within the Christian community.

Giventhe intensity of writers’ skills and knowledge on the concept ofChristianity, I believe that one importantmodel that can be used to explain the integration approach employedby Hawkins and Clinton is the behavioral perspective. Ithelps to provide a precise understanding ofthe key factors that contribute or motivate to the growth anddevelopment of an individual’s general characteristics. In ensuringthe efficientintegration of the two writer’s model the concept of faith and,the human spiritual practice can beused.Faith and practice help to build and enhance the spiritual andpsychological perspective and understanding of the Christian world.It can benotedthat the transformation approach used by writers Ron Hawkins and TimClinton in their book “The New Christian Counselor a freshbiblical and transformational approach,” represents a sense ofemotional evolution. The book assesses the spiritual behavior ofChristians within their various social, political and culturalenvironments. Other than religiousissues, Hawkins and Clinton can use the transformational approach toidentify psychological issues affecting the emotional and spiritualstability of individuals. Althoughthe two problemsare related, it is important to note that they differ. The behavioralperspective is,therefore, animportantaspect that can be used in the research findings by Hawkinsand Clinton to determine the different external forces that shape thebehavior of an individual within the society.

Infostering the preciseapplication of some of the principles highlighted and discussed byHawkins and Clinton to counseling in a human service setting, I wouldencourage the spread of spiritual energy within the social sphere byenhancing public confidence. As a result of this, the level of trust,affection,and kindness to others within the society becomes vastly improved.Through this, the aspect of spirituality in a Christian’s lifebecomes easily understood.

Inconclusion, the book has provided readers with a clear and detailedoverview of the general content relevance of the book “The NewChristian Counselor a fresh biblical and transformational approach,”by Ron Hawkins and Tim Clinton. It has highlighted the variousarguments held by the two writers on how Christians can obtainadequate empowerment in their spiritual life. It can be argued thatthe book plays a crucial role in building a stable spiritualfoundation for Christians. As a result, it is important for theChristian population to obtain a copy of this particular book.


Hawkins,R., &amp Clinton, T., (2015). Thenew Christian counselor. A Fresh Biblical and TransformationalApproach.Harvest House Publishers