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Brave New World Analysis of the Relationship between Happiness and Individuality

BraveNew World: Analysis of the Relationship between Happiness andIndividuality


BraveNew World: Analysis of the Relationship between Happiness andIndividuality

Huxley’s“Brave New World” objective is the furtherance of people’shappiness through technological advancement while ignoringindividuality. In “Brave New World,” everyone belongs to everyoneelse” Mond exclaims. Director, Henry Ford, explains to the studentshow children are bred from tubes while conditioning (sleep teaching)them to value societal belief over individuality (Frank, 2013). Massproduction of identical eggs deprives the citizens of their uniqueand individual natures (pg 9). This emphasizes on the fact thatuniqueness in this world is useless and every citizen should embraceuniformity to promote social and economic stability by beingconsumers and workers. This paper aims to discuss how Huxley’s“Brave New World” compromises people’s individuality byproviding everlasting happiness.

Thisworld is surely different from our own and is a good example of howdeplorable our humanity would be if we use technology to avoid ourmisery. In my society, most people value individuality, as it’s howone is identified and view happiness in terms of riches andsuccessful relationships which is achieved through persistence andhard work. However, according to Ford, humans can achieve happinessquickly without pain or suffering, which is usually throughconsumption as the state has placed overall significance onconsumption. The citizens are concerned with their individuality asthey are conditioned (brainwashed) to focus on the industry, societyeconomy, technological progress, and improvement of their society.

Inour current world, everybody wishes to form valuable relationshipsthat form a basis of support. Most often, we struggle to establishand maintain relationships that conform to societal beliefs, withfamily, spouse, or friends, which leaves us sad and lonely uponfailure. Moreover, further unhappiness is realized if therelationships change course into fight or divorce, which leaves theindividuals involved destroyed emotionally or physically. The cycleends through death or divorce, which is highly evident in our societytoday. However, “Brave New World” society avoids the issue ofunhappiness by denying people the right to individuality right fromtheir childhood (Cartledge&amp Huxley, 2011). Theyremove the concept of family or relationship development in thesociety. The government, through technological advancement breedschildren in hatcheries eliminating the idea of parents or family thusensuring that no one has an attachment to the other in terms of thesibling or familial bond. In addition, the government discourages theidea of a long-term relationship thus, people move from one partnerto the other as seen in the case of Linah who sleeps with severalmen. This strips her individuality, as she cannot form a relationshipwith one man. As it’s most evident in our society most couples staytogether for the sake of their children, therefore, in “Brave Newworld” there is no need for relationships as they have no parentalresponsibilities, allowing them to lead simple lives void ofcomplications.

Inour society, children are brought up with the knowledge that they canbe anything they want and that once they focus something they willachieve it. This actually leads to amazing testimonies of people’shard work and success, while some are disappointed forunderperforming. However, in “Brave New World” children aregenetically engineered where they are they are brainwashed to believecertain truths (Cartledge&amp Huxley, 2011). Everychild “born” is assigned to a particular class ranging fromAlphas, Gammas, Delta, and Epsilons whereby Alphas are viewed to bethe smart ones while Epsilons are the dumb ones and their uniformityis achieved by poisoning the alphas with alcohol in the hatchery.Thus, the society matches people with a role in the society in whichthey are fit for, and this eliminates the concepts of struggle tomove above that level or maintain as nobody passes or falls below theassigned class. It is evident from the conversation between Leninaand Henry “I suppose Epsilons don’t really mind being Epsilons,”Of course they don’t. How can they? They don’t know what it’slike being anything else. We’d mind. Then we’ve been differentlyconditioned. Besides, we start with a different heredity.” (pg 50)The system ensures that no one is unhappy with his or her class,thus, a peaceful and organized society. It strips the children theidea of individuality, and as a result, a large foundation ofidentical, easily controlled people is formed on which societythrives. “Brave new world “promotes stability by killingindividuality.

Consumerismideals of “brave new world” are quite similar to our currentsociety in so many ways. Henry Ford has conditioned the society onthe need for continuous consumption and that old is outdated. Thiskeeps the economy in a healthy manner while allowing the governmentto produce new products that are consistent with people’s desire.Mond goes further to state that they want citizens to prefer new toold products. In the current world, people echo Huxley’sconsumerism ideas as they tend to purchase new electronics, clothing,tools and equipment even though the old ones are functional andalmost as new. This in turns stimulates the economy provide jobs tothe manufacturing industry and people’s need for new products isconsistently satisfied.

Ina bid to help the people handle their daily struggles, the governmentintroduces a drug, known as “Soma,” which allows the individualto relax and escape their worries. This is likened to the currentsociety, whereby, when people are faced with stressful situationsthey turn to alcohol marijuana to ease their stress. These drugs havehealth related problems unlike “Soma” since the government hasconducted research and ensured that its safe for consumption, hence,issuing it for free to the citizens. The drug strips people of theirindividuality (denying them the right to feel pain or stress) byproviding them with an escape to a false of relief and happiness.This is evident in the case where Lenina and Bernard witnesses a boybeing whipped as a sacrifice and after watching the horrific actLenina proclaims “A gramme is better than a damn,” said Leninamechanically from behind her hands. “I wish I had my soma!” (pg78)

Inour current society old age is an indication of a life well lived. Anindividual has the privilege of being old and his family is taskedwith the responsibility of caring for their elderly. However, in“Brave New World” they do not permit old age as they geneticallyengineer people’s internal secretion remain at a youthfulequilibrium. They control the ratio of magnesium-calcium bytransfusing them with young Blood while permanently stimulating theirmetabolism (pg 75).

Inconclusion, “Brave New World” society is entirely different fromour own, as I cannot envision living without a family, friends, orchildren. More so, not forming meaningful relationships, which act asmy support base when the pressures of this world face me? I valuefreedom and cultural values, which constitute the basis for ourdevelopment from little kids. However, Huxley’s world is void ofthe problems and pressures of the world and ensures that people areconsistently happy. &quotBrave New World&quot has utilizedtechnology in eliminating problems and guaranteeing its citizens alife full of happiness.


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