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Itis agreeable that bullying results in adverse effects on the personexperiencing it, the surrounding people, and the person doing thebullying. Despite this knowledge, it is unfortunate that bullyingstill exists in the society. Bullying contributes to stresssignificantly and can leave a victim feeling angry, annoyed, or evendepressed. It is paramount to understand why bullying occurs to helponeself or others to cope with bullying and develop an attitude toovercome the trauma resulting from bullying. This paper presents adiscussion about the existence of bullying in the society and itseffects on the person being bullied and those around them as well asthe ways to stop bullying in schools and the society.

Bullyingin the society is today mostly evident in the places of work andschools. There exist very high chances of experiencing bullying for aperson who works with other people at one point in time. Researchwork has shown whooping statistics of people being bullied in theoffice or mistreated in a way that poses potential harm to theirhealth. Bullying at the place of work has adverse effects on both theemployees and the employer. The individuals who undergo bullying atthe workplace suffer from stress-related health complications such aspost-traumatic stress disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and a weakimmune system. It is unfortunate that most of the stress is not fromwork, but the colleagues’ one works with.

Findingsfrom research work on bullying indicate that a good number of schoolgoing children experience bullying. There are many reasons whybullies target a particular child in school, but the primary ones arethe physical appearance or one’s social standing in a group.Bullying could be through physical, verbal, or relational aggressivebehaviors. In many cases, boys engaging in bullying make use ofphysical threats and actions, while the girls in many cases engage inrelational or verbal bullying. However, the results are similar inboth cases, and the victims are left feeling hopeless, depressed,angry, hurt, or guilty that bullying is as a result of their actions.Both the physical and mental health of the victims are likely tosuffer because of bullying.

Whetherbullying occurs in school or at the workplaces, it presents adverseeffects to the victims as well as those around them. People who arebullied are likely to suffer from physical and mental healthdisorders. The school going children could experience anxiety anddepression, loneliness, and changes in eating and sleeping pattern.They may also lose interest in activities they found enjoyable in thepast. The children have a high likelihood of recording low academicachievement with some opting to drop out of schools. When childrenwitness others being bullied, they have a high risk of engaging indrug and substance abuse. The children could also develop mentalhealth disorders such as anxiety and depression and are likely toskip school for fear of being the next victims. In the workenvironment, the victims of bullying could as well develop physicaland mental disorders, have low productivity, and engage in drug andsubstance abuse. Others may quit their job and end up engaging inunlawful activities to generate income.

Fortunately,there are several ways to stop the acceptance of bullying in schoolsand the society. At the school, preventing bullying could start byassessing the level of bullying in the school. The parents and theyouths could be engaged to help send messages against bullying. Thereshould also be designing of policies and procedures and a system toreport cases of bullying. These measures will contribute to thecreation an environment in which bullying is not acceptable. Therecan be training for teachers and students about prevention measuresof bullying.

Inthe society, the prevention of bullying as well begins by determiningthe existence of the vice. The society can be taught on thepreventive measures and how to act when they observe cases ofbullying. For instance, when one observes a person being bullied whothey are, what they look like, where they are from, and thedisabilities they have, he or she can tell the bullies that we wereall created in the image and likeness of God. It can also be madeknown to the bullies that no one knows about tomorrow, and it is veryinappropriate to treat other people unfairly because of the amount ofmoney they have and where they live. After all, the bully may infuture find themselves in such situations and would not want toexperience bullying. Despite the reason for one receiving an unfairtreatment, we can inform the bullies of the effects of bullying tothe victim and themselves.


Iagree that bullying can become a serious problem. I also agree thatbullying can cause irreparable damages in some cases. The reason isthat it is evident from the discussion that bullying results inadverse health effects to the victims. Some of the health effectscould result in fatalities hence irreparable damages. In other cases,people may engage in substance and drug abuse messing their lives forgood especially if not rehabilitated on time. However, we shouldrespond to the bullies in an appropriate manner. For instance, we caninform them that their actions are wrong and the serious adverseeffects of bullying not only to the victims but them as well.