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Business Marketing for a New Cell Phone on the Market

BusinessMarketing for a New Cell Phone on the Market

BusinessMarketing for New Cell Phone on the Market

Ourcompany Android is planning to launch new a cell phone model in thenext few weeks. We have succeeded in creating the best mobileapplications that are long-lasting, cost-effective and favorable forthe majority of our clients. The biggest competitors have beenSamsung and Apple. After introducing iPhones and iTouch, Apple becameone of the best firms making mobile devices and technology as theywere able to attract so many clients (Sandberg et al, 2013).On theother hand, Samsung mobile phones are preferred because they arecheap and they are also of high quality. The client does not onlyconsider the price while purchasing a product but its quality and thevalue it is likely to add to them. Some of the aspects we will focuson are pricing, products offers, strategy for marketing and productsdifferentiation.


Thenew cell phones we will introduce will have the regular prices tomeet the objective of getting as many customers as possible andmaking profits (Chorafas, 2011). There are those phones with lowprice and they will include the ones with fewer qualities andfeatures. The ones with more features will have a high price justlike our competitor’s phones.&nbsp This is because the consumerbehavior does not only revolve around the cost of a product but mostphone buyers consider the emotional satisfaction of having aparticular model of a phone irrespective of the price.


Thecustomers who will buy the cell phones will have some privilegesthey will get free internet bundles, one year warranty, earphones anda high-quality charger. This will enable them to make maximum use ofthe new brand (Sandberg et al, 2013).


Variousstrategies for marketing will be employed to ensure that our productreaches the targeted number of customers. They include:

Specialapplications,which involves taking advantage of applications that arelocation-based. For instance, we will use Foursquare to engage thecustomers and give them rewards. This will boost our businessprofile. They will be able to “check in” when they patronize theenterprise, they will be eligible for rewards, and the firm will getincreased visibility to other customers and those on social media(Chorafas, 2011).&nbsp

Payments:The new cell phones will have technology that will enable thecustomers to purchase from their phones, or for the firm to acceptpayment on the phone. We will give our customers a time-period offerto make or receive payments using platforms such as Paypal free ofcharge. This will attract more customers who will want to takeadvantage of the offer.

Mediaadvertising: Wewill run adverts of our new cell phone model in all mainstreamnewspapers, television and radio stations and on websites that havehigh traffic. We shall also advertise on our company website. Mediaadverts shall commence a few days to the official launch of the cellphone, so as to give the customers a preview of what to expect andmake them prepared for the product.


Thenew cell phones will be differentiated based on the new features inthem, such as the new payment application that will allow them to payeven in remote location. Customers will be able to customize theircell phones. They can develop or modify the applications, and othersand upgrade the operating system as they wish. The phone will also bethe lightest and slimmest in the market, making it convenient forcarrying around. We have also incorporated a screen that canwithstand an impact of up to 100Ns without cracking. Theseadditional features are meant to attract clients (Chorafas, 2011).&nbsp


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