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Case Study Component 1 Apple Names

CaseStudy Component 1: Apple




Appleis an American conglomerate corporation that designs develops andsells electronics, computer software and offers online services. It’sthe world’s largest information technology company by revenue andthe second largest phone manufacturer (Corsi and Morin, 2015). Applebeing a huge company it likes to keep its international eminence thusit has many goals that the company aims for the best outcomes whendesigning and distributing its merchandises. The company continuouslydevelops new products which are considered paramount in the market.Apple aims at maintaining its prestige in the market by developingnew products with the best attractive features that are currentlyavailable in the information technology (Corsi and Morin, 2015).

Applehas a great strategy to maintain its reputation in the industry. Itrecruits the best information technology experts from all over theworld to make sure that they deliver the best product in the market.The crew works together to develop the best software and hardwarewith the best specifications that have not been on the market before(Corsi and Morin, 2015). Apple avails new products in the market allaround the year with the aim of ensuring that all the new inventionsare passed on to the customers as they are developed. This impliesthat the customers get the best only from Apple (Corsi and Morin,2015).

Applehas the best marketing approach that enables it to collect thehighest revenue from its products. By making the best products, Applemakes sure the target market receives the products. Apple has placedits sellers and promoters in all corners for efficient supply of itsproducts. It promotes its products through various sites. Forinstance, the company innovates to offer goods like Apple Watch,which is an exclusively new product line for the firm (Corsi andMorin, 2015). Through Apple Watch, the company develops its reach inthe smart watch. In this case, the company incurs expenses indeveloping the smart watch the gives it as a promotional product.This marketing approach assumes that even if some revenue is used indeveloping the smart watch by giving it for free increases the brandpopularity thus more sales are made in the other major products thusincreasing the company’s revenue. This helps to control the expenseincurred in the promotion (Corsi and Morin, 2015).

Applehas one of the most competitive technologies in the technologicalworld. The business industry of computer technologies is the mostcompetitive market, but Apple has managed to maintain the bestposition in the market. In the technology, new products hit themarket every day, and the existing in the market tend to go obsolete(Heracleous, 2013). It’s the responsibility of the producers andthe developers to keep up with the new trends. Apple has been able tomaintain the market by having the best competitive strategies Applehas the best crew that deals with its product thus the best isdelivered to the customers. To keep up with the changing technologyApple releases a new updated software and hardware’s in the market.It also provides updates in the software for the existing hardware inthe market. With this, it’s able to maintain its stands in thecompetitive technology (Heracleous, 2013).

Forevery successful undertaking, the presence regulations which arestrictly followed is very necessary. Apple being the best in themarket it has the best controls which are used to keep it at the top.Before transitory of the products to the customers, Apple makesseveral steps are followed. The products are tested to ensure thequality assured is the quality delivered to the client. The productsare also tested for customer safety (Heracleous, 2013). This makesthe Apple products the best in the market. Apple has had the bestoperations. Through its operation characteristics, it has been ableto reap the fruits of its success. It times the products how torelease them and what to do when faced with challenges andcompetitors (Heracleous, 2013).


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