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Case study of a new package design

Casestudy of a new package design

Retrobeverages have, for a long time, cut its niche in the provision ofsoda products that has captured a segment of the market, which ismuch interested in goods that seem to contain traditional packaging.The case possibly shows that most of the consumers of the product arepeople from the older generation, who have been enthusiasts of drinksmade by the firm, since they were young and there, therefore, feelquite attached to it (AIDA np). The aspect could have seen it enjoythe huge number of sales that it has been receiving. However, theproblem of reduced sales in recent times, could, apparently, pointout to the existence of an issue that does need clear action toreverse the situation. There are various issues, which the marketingdepartment could do to deal with the prevailing circumstances thatthe company is facing more appropriately as will be indicated in thispaper.

Whilethe reliance on tradition packaging method has been working toembrace part of the market that is composed of older generations,there is a high chance that sustainability of the firm could as wellbe lowered by the similar form of branding. Therefore, it would benecessary to recreate the label of the bottles so as to make themmore appealing to customers AIDA np). They would retain the similarlogo, and the name of the company, but change the graphicalappearance to be more contemporary as well as attractive to mostpeople in the younger generation. Notably, these are the people whowill form a huge part of consumers of the product, and it would,therefore, be quite pertinent for the firm to make all measuresnecessary to hold onto them. The theme, ‘Old-fashioned Taste’could have been meant to attract the market, but it might have led topushing other consumers away from buying the drink, as they get theidea that the taste could not be quite appealing to them.Accordingly, they should change it to something catchy, such as,‘Taste made to your specification.’ Such a phrase would give thecustomers the idea that the taste of the drink is in line withcurrent trends and market needs (AIDA np). Likewise, the shape of thebottle would also require some modification and have some artisticgroves around them, to differentiate them from those of beer. Assuch, shoppers will find it easy to identify the drink as soda. Itwill also not be repulsive to anyone who does not take, or even likebeer.

Similarly,the company could also make special plans to provide a differentpackaging of the drinks that contains six different types of sodas ina single bundle. Precisely, this kind of packaging would need to bein plastic bottle containers. Per se, retailers would be quitefavored as they shall have good profit margins and, also feel theyhave been relieved from the need to repackage sodas in a way thatwould make them asserted so as to sell them (AIDA np). Besides, thefirm will make a significant sales turn-over from the same, as itwill enable the retailers to sell the sodas quicker. While thecurrent products of the company would need to be retained with thesame taste that they have, there will be the need to create soda ofother tastes, such as those having a ginger flavor to attract a hugeclientele base.

Inconclusion, the inclusion of the stated measures that the firm couldtake to enhance sales will be quite paramount to its sustainability.It shall retain current clients and even attract new ones. Theprocess is continuous and, therefore, requires input from all membersof the company.