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Case Study on Psychology

CaseStudy on Psychology

CaseStudy on Psychology


Inthe case presented Karen is undergoing anxiety problems. There arevarious factors that has led to the Karen’s anxiety as depicted inthe case. One of the causes is the notion of high level of culturalbackground influence of the Karen. As noted in the case, Karen wasbrought up in a staunch catholic religious family. To the family,there were various rituals that they had to follow in order to becleansed. Additionally, there were many superstitious beliefs thatcame with this religious connotation. Therefore, the main reason whyKaren used to be superstitious about the numbers and how they wereaffecting the health and behavior of her kids was because of thedoctrines postulated by the Catholic religion to her while she wasyoung. Another prognostic factor that might have led to the inceptionof the severe condition of the Karen is fear of the unknownconsequences.

Karendid not confess her sins of stealing a book while she was young.According to the stipulations of the church, one was to confess theirsins every single period in order to avoid to hell in the last days.These are some of guilt that eat the soul of Karen that made be onthe lookout on every issue that might affect her children. To her,she knew that she was the cause all the predicament that is befallingher family and hence this increased the level of risks of trauma andhallucinations in her. Some of the prognostic factors about theanxiety problem is the age of Karen. She is still a young mother andhence the success rate for the therapeutic treatment that she goingto undergo is deemed to be quite high. Her female gender also depictsa prognostic factor as the transformation of the mindset is usuallyeasier in female than in male. Women are quite emotional and this hasthe effect of deviating their mindset quite easily. The treatmentplan would therefore be consequentially positive as it entails thebehavior change.


Karenshould under a series of assessments to discern the real cause of theanxiety problem. The missing data on Karen’s case is the backgroundon her mental status. It is important to understand the behavioralconduct on the account of understanding the context mentalcapabilities of the patient at hand. From narration of the case, itis evident that Karen is undergoing psychological stress which indeedhas affected her proper functioning and that is the information weknow. In trying to understand the extent of her psychologicalproblem, it is important to use the neuropsychological technique tounderstand how best her brain functions. Here, Karen would be takenthrough the trial making tests. This assessment allows us to gatherinformation of how her brain functions have been affected inpsychological terms. Another assessment that is very critical forKaren is the behavioral assessment where she is taken through aserious of tests to help in understanding their behavioral conductand why she behaves in such a manner. The behavioral self-reportswill help in knowing the frequency in which the Karen carries out therituals and how it affects her daily routine. The behavioralinterviewing will unveil some of the causes of the current depictionof the behavioral conduct of Karen. Lastly. The self-monitoring andbehavioral checklist are very essential in streamlining theunderstanding of her behavior.


Onthe account of the treatment plan for Karen, individual therapy isvery essential as it will help Karen understand her anxiety problemand the best way to deal with it. Additionally, the best treatmentplan would be a family therapy since the psychological problem hasaffected Karen and it has transcended to the rest of the family whereeven the children here are developing a mischievous behavior that hasbeen catalyzed by the behavioral conduct of the parents. Thepsychotherapy should focus on the behavior change which starts withthe transformation of the mindset that would change the superstitiousbehavior of Karen.